Find God

How does one find God? This is a subject I have never written about much but since you asked me a question I shall answer it.
Atheism is all about non belief in the supernatural being called God. The atheists have no fears or love for this invisible being and hence they don’t have any motivation for belief in God.
It is like the fear of ghosts or demons. This is a season of Halloween and people generally celebrate the festival even if they don’t believe in ghosts or ghouls by putting up decorations and playing trick or treat. Ask these people whether they believe in these things and they will laugh. Is it because they haven’t met a ghost or or some other worldly creature, that they refuse to believe?
Today, we do stuff even if we don’t have any faith in it. Like watching sci-fi movies and wondering whether these gadgets are actually there or not. Whether there is a Death Star or not! Or look at Harry Potter movies. Everyone feels like they are in the movies. But is it real or imaginary? These are Imaginary beings for those who have no faith in them but for the childlike beings, they actually exist.
Now let us come to another phenomenon in our world. For a person born blind, would they understand the color red or blue? They might touch the flower but how to distinguish color? Likewise for a deaf person who can never hear a beautiful melody, every sound is just emptiness alone.
Now think about the above people and consider whether these things actually exist or not? The blue flower or the red rose, Beethoven or Bach’s music! It does but how do you explain to someone who doesn’t have any understanding of the subject due to some physical deformity?
Just because ghosts are not seen by some people, for them they don’t exist. But for those who have experienced the phenomenon of ghosts or scary creatures, they do exist. Likewise some atheists haven’t experienced or had beliefs in God, for them God doesn’t exist. But ask the firm believers and sages and they will say God exists.
Now the question is for all practical purposes, why is God not seen by anyone always? So first I will have to tell you the answer differently. God is known as Supreme Divine Consciousness and God is sometimes un-manifest and sometimes manifest. Manifest means taking some form. Let us first analyze the term Supreme which means Highest, Divine which means Godly and Consciousness which means I know!
So if I can put it differently, it would be like this- the highest or biggest stuff called God exists! But I have no idea whether God exists or not! But I know God is there and I don’t need proof of that.
Now we come to manifest and un-manifest! Before you were born, where were you and after death where will you be? So that is exactly how we can understand both manifest and un-manifest. Before birth and after death you are un-manifest and during your lifetime you are manifest. God is also like that. God is un-manifest and some rare times God takes a form. It could be any form. A human being which could be male or female or any other also. An animal or a bird or even a cross. It really doesn’t matter since we can never know. Forms like Jesus or Krsna are manifest. But hardly anyone knows them. Since these forms come about for certain specific reasons, they serve the purpose and then have to exit the world through normal human processes like death, etc..
God can only be experienced by those who are attuned to God and have a very sincere belief. First get convinced of the existence and then have a firm faith in God. Pine for God like you would for your last breath underwater. Ask God to show you the form and God will surely appear for you.
Don’t have expectations that God is male or female, like Jesus or Krsna, tall or handsome, in rags or splendid clothes, etc., etc.. Let God show whichever way God wants to show. Don’t have any fixated ideas or beliefs and let God lead the way.

Image Courtesy by Pixabay