Finding Permanent Happiness

Permanent HappinessIf you have come to spiritual trying to find permanent happiness then you will be disillusioned. Take the cases of Jesus or Buddha. They met their death in most uncalled for circumstances. Their disciples disowned them. Denied. Some of them plotted to kill too. They lived in abject poverty. Their relationship with opposite sex was termed blasphemous and taboo. Now ask yourself if there was any kind of supreme happiness which you aim to find there? So stop trying to find happiness or some ulterior stuff there. No magic also. Only sufferings and pain. Now if you agree to get those transfused then step in. Otherwise stay out. Better to live life with some momentary happiness in material then constant threat of death and treachery in spiritual. Now you decide. Knowing God or the Self will not guarantee you immunity from bodily death and hardships. On the contrary they will be available without asking for. I hope you are not expecting miracles and special powers in spiritual. Come to me if you care for liberation and feel love. Understand devotion. There are no pots of gold or treasures like that here. No fame and fortune. No free meal also. Come if you can surrender your entire being. You are welcome naked with no possessions at all. Now ask yourself , if this appeals to you? You will come empty and will be filled here.

Image Courtesy by pixabay