Focus On That One Thing!

So how do you focus on that one thing you wish to have? It’s impossible to keep your mind on one object when there are too many other things distracting you! So how do you do it?
Now think that a ferocious dog is running after you, so the only thought would be to escape that dog, isn’t it? Can you think of any other thing then? No!
Similarly, when you are sitting for your final examination and writing your paper, any other thought besides finishing your exam paper can cost you your marks and get you disastrous results.
So now you see here two things. One is focus on the activity and the other is the anxiety connected with the results. So target and focus are the two things alone. The third important thing is the “how to,” which means knowing the right techniques. That translates into the right knowledge of that subject. Preparation for it with every tool of the trade is the last.
We are not able to achieve success in any endeavor because we have frittered our mind. Too many things are occupying the mind space.
Remember you can never shut out the thoughts because they come unmotivated. So let them come. You do not need to pay any attention or give credence to them. They are perennially flowing so let them be. You don’t bother about them. You should never loose focus of your subject ever.
Just imagine you are sitting near the seashore and the waves are constantly lapping up. You listen to them for some time and soon it becomes a part of the background music. You go into a deep revere or trance state. This is called a meditative state. Akin to focus on your subject, nothing else matters. You have gone in a complete oneness with the idea of zeroing on the subject of your focus.
You may be in the middle of a railway station with its noise and din but you have focused on your subject so all the disturbances fade away.
Results are an integral part of motivation, so stay focused on them. The techniques are important too. Following the right technique you will have a sure winner.
Even when you are doing public speaking, knowing the subject and researching it is important. Eloquence in speaking is equally important. The right speech, accompanied with the perfect emphasis and punch delivered with panache creates ripples in your audience. Creating the right impact is essential.
So focus, knowing your subject, preparing by right knowledge and technique delivers the perfect results. Your frivolous thought process is then tamed into submission. Loose thoughts will no longer trouble you ever.