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Follow The Right Path

right pathEvery gadget has been provided with an instruction manual. Even your doctor prescribes drugs to be taken with prescription and instructions for taking them at correct intervals. Now ask yourself why do we need to have an instruction manual or a prescription?
The reasons are we are not disciplined in our life and always want to flout any kind of authority. A simple instruction which is easy to follow will be the most difficult or never understood. Analyse why this happens? Your excellent mind is the root cause of it. It runs in too many directions. Makes silly judgements and draws stupid conclusions and is too egoistic for comfort. Rebellious by nature and unable to focus, it dominates your chidakash and messes up your clear vision or understanding.
In spiritual we put this silly mind at the feet of The Lord and ask Him to guide us. Even Naradmuni couldn’t focus on The Lord when He was told to carry that pitcher full of oil! So it is essential to focus your mind and learn to control it.
You should know that more than 50% of our problems and afflictions can be eliminated only by controlling your mind.
So read the instructions and follow them precisely. The experts know what they are talking about.
In spiritual too follow your Gurus instructions to the T. You will benefit from this wise association.

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  • An empty mind is a devil’s workshop they say, better to fill it with Krsna’s/Lords name I say,then the mind will certainly not be empty:)
    I come here daily morning to kickstart my day & what a kickstart I get, just Amazing. Thank you, namaste.