Food For Survival Or Gluttony?

When Peter Mendal posted his photographs of what people eat in Hungry Planet, 79p in Darfur to 325£ in Germany per week, I wondered how much frivolous food can people eat? When you have to pay unnecessary money for a freely available stuff like water, it pains to see how greedy man has become.
A bottle of water may not even last a few hours in the body is charged the earth or water? Of course, water is really expensive in the desert but why does a man made oasis needs to charge, I never can understand!
The yogi never cares even for this water or the food these gluttonous people have. The absolute need is for survival. You will see that these yogis only went in search for food as a bhikshu for survival.
I saw a website which talks of how much they could save when someone buys cloud space! Of course it costs money to tell you how much to save! Funny, isn’t it?
On one side are people surviving in less than £1 and on the other there is so much of greed. Krsna talks of moderation in eating. Hope these folks understand that! Food for thought here!

Image Courtesy by pixabay