Full Value For Money!

We always want-Full value for money! We all search for our money’s worth for items in the material world. If we don’t get it then we get disillusioned and feel cheated too.
In the material world work translates into the output and level of efficiency in achieving results. Those who attend their jobs and are in and out of meetings feel that they have done so much work. But sitting at meetings and not achieving tangible results amounts to just wasting your breath and cool air of the air conditioner. Going to meet clients and just creating a goodwill does not amount to anything till it translates into real business.
Decision making and cracking difficult situations amounts to working and that may happen at a meeting. But always judge such meetings with their achievements. Did you do any progress and move ahead? Were you able to do any tangible business?
Even in phone calls and video conferencing, if you are able to progress and go ahead with decisions and target achievements, then the call or video call is effective otherwise it is a sheer waste of resources.
Even in my spiritual world, I exhort my disciples to learn something and progress in their path of spiritual. If they are not getting anything worthwhile from the things that they are learning then it is not worth their effort. They should leave or search for some other Guru who can grant them their growth and progress. My doors are wide open to walk in or walk out. Attend satsangs or spiritual meetings only if you are going to get something from them otherwise don’t waste your time and life. Similarly when someone sits for a video conferencing or telephone call with me and there is no progress, the call is an useless one. Don’t even call or login.
Only if you are getting your values and money’s worth will you buy that item in material world, correct? So why are you not applying that law here too. The same law is applicable in spiritual. If you are not getting any kind of spiritual progress happening to you, then it is not worth that effort. So stop wasting your life and move on to a place where you get something really precious. Knowledge and spiritual growth should be your main criteria for being with your Guru. Otherwise it’s an absolute waste of time.
I, too have disciples who stop attending the regular satsangs and believe that they get inspiration in their world by just doing dhyana within. They get their answers. They are in constant communication with me in their dhyana and not physically. I am sure this method too seems effective to them. They are happy in getting such a type of guidance too.
So coming back to both the material and spiritual world, if you are not getting your money’s worth or Gods knowledge worth, then you are wasting your time. Time is money, they say. Do value both these worlds in the same way. Ask yourself if you can say that you have gained something, then stay on! Otherwise search for some other place for your progress.
You really have no time to waste in this world since you don’t even know how much time you are left with! So look only at growth and progress alone.

Image Credit: Pixabay