Fully Naked

Fully nakedGod, why do people want to become fully naked and show everything to others?
Ha, ha! They must be wanting to reach me faster!
I can understand yogis do that to attain you but that’s renunciation. Here these people do it for fame, money and notoriety.
They must be yogis too. Practice makes a man perfect.
You mean to say in their next life they will be naked?
Maybe, maybe not, who knows? You humans call it shame and some love to ogle.
That’s the worst part. Body shaming, porn and all that. Frankly I would dread to do that.
The world will say you have nothing worthwhile to show, so you will not drop your clothes.
What do you mean? My boyfriend says I have a great body.
What about brains? Anyway, tribals go naked with regards to their cultural needs and norms. But urbanites who do it for something ulterior are self centered and full of ego.
But why do it in first place?
There is always someone to see it. Don’t you want to see stuff that is hidden?
It’s gross and worthless. What is there to see something which is already overexposed?
Oh, so you want something newer every time? See, this is what I meant. There is always a need and someone to fulfill it.
It’s not my need. If someone wants to show their naked body, I don’t mind seeing it.
Isn’t it the same? All naked bodies are the same. What is it that you need to see in them? Some color difference and shape only.
Oh, it is exciting and arouses one sexually.
See, that’s the reason why I made it. You can have sex and create babies.
Why? Why should one have babies? I don’t want babies.
So that my universe progresses. It’s but a natural process which I initiated.
But there are many people in this world today who don’t want to have kids.
True. But my idea of propagation will continue. Albeit, even artificially also.
But there is population explosion and imbalances in this world. Why create something which you cannot sustain?
Sustainability will appear once that happens. My universe is created to balance everything out. People can go to other planets and settle there.
That’s a good idea. But how silly it sounds to me. You create babies so that you can colonize other planets.
Not silly, but humans will have to meet their compatriots from other solar systems some day.
There are aliens out there then! Wow! I would love to meet one some day.
You meet them everyday yet you cannot see them since you look upon others as one of your own kind.
You really mean to say there are aliens living amongst us even today?
Yes. You cannot understand them since you do not have those keen eyes or the vision. They appear human.
Wow! Can you tell me who it might be?
Your own brother. Doesn’t he behave in a peculiar manner? Doesn’t he look foreign to you? Observe him!
Now that you say, I am sure he must be an alien. But how come he was born to my mother?
Ha, ha! That’s another story. Ask your mother that question. Too many skeletons from the cupboard will fall out then! Anyway, see you around.
God! You have creeped me out now! My mother is also an alien? Then what am I! This is really freaky! OMG! OMG!