Get A Stupid Answer!

Ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer. Ask an intelligent question and so do we get an intelligent answer? No way! It’s still a stupid answer!
Ask anyone this question- do you know the story of Cinderella? The answer is—? First they will want to know why you are asking that question? Next they will think that you are asking a trick question and will think up the most stupid answer. Thereafter they will ask you if that is what you meant?
The answer to the question is- YES! Yet, did you notice how the answers came? They could be the weirdest ones too.
So doesn’t it tell you that no one actually listens to another but listens more to their own mind? Everyone has this disability of not listening at all. The question is not a trick one, yet why does the mind think otherwise?
So once these great intelligent folks come up with the stupidest answer, ask them the next question. Ask them- can you tell me the story of Cinderella in four or five lines? Then see the amount of time they take to tell you that. It’s all about confusion and absolute chaos in their minds. They cannot even tell you a simple story straight up.
So you see it’s not about confusion or mind processing but about paying attention to anything. These folks do not have focus in their lives too. Always meandering and getting lost. But the same person is so focused in greed and lust. They know what they want. They are sure about the outcomes. They can be the most devious and can plot the game plan perfectly.
So why do we always come across like this? Is it that the mind cannot process simpler stuff simply? Or is the mind getting more convoluted and tricky as we learn more and more of the worldly stuff? You will find that the greatest authors, scientists or artists cannot perform the simplest of the acts. It reminds me of a story of a Nobel prize winner. He stood in a queue and when his turn came, he couldn’t even remember why he was there or what his name was. Thus this man proves to us that we cannot process simple stuff in our minds as we become more and more educated or knowledgeable in life. So as we move into the more rarified atmosphere of life we tend to become more confused.
So it’s important to be simple, live simply, do simple stuff, work in minimalism, not get complicated and live in the here and the now.
The more complicated words that the person uses, they loose more audience. If you want the common man to know what you are saying, then come down to their level of understanding. Explain stuff to anyone simply like you would to a small kid.
Now know this- it’s the most difficult thing in the world to do that!!! To tell it simply!

Image Courtesy pixabay