Gift Yourself First!

The gift of Magi has always been the favorite story of sacrifice in love. The futility of the gifts in the end to each other signifies love is never about possessions or gifts. They both possess their special things like the watch and hair and do the ultimate sacrifice by selling both for buying gifts which become useless. We give gifts to our loved ones expecting love back from them, if not gratitude! But isn’t that love one sided? You love the other and not yourself.
Take the case of the mother. She starves herself to give to the child. But look at it this way. She is not feeding herself, so how can she give her milk to her child? So isn’t she in turn keeping the child half hungry? So she needs to first take care of herself before she takes care of the child.
So first give importance to the God in you before you bow down to any God outside! Gift yourself first before you gift others!