Giovanni Belzoni And The River Of Life.

Giovanni Belzoni was a great explorer of the Nile. Failing miserably as a strongman, he ventured into Egypt to explore the ancient ruins. His determination to succeed pushed him to roll down the big head of Memnon down the Nile and ship it to the British Museum. Braving against various odds he opened the great Temple of Abu Simbel at Karnak.
Sometimes we too have to battle against great odds to find God in our life. If we do not venture down the river of life, we cannot move ahead. If Giovanni would not have fought with the elements and lost hope, the statue head of Ramasese 2 would have been stuck in mud. His precise timing helped and so did his prowess as a weight lifter and engineer. We also have to fight time and elements to win the first battle. The next step is to explore uncharted territories in life. Find the temple buried in sand, we have to dig up old knowledge and understanding the situation help progress.
These treasures are not meant for self glorification but for the world. Just as Giovanni did it for the world by sending these artifacts to the Museum.
Our life must be exemplary and for the good of the world around us.