Giving Reasons?

Giving reasons are our forte! We all love to give reasons for everything that we can’t do, don’t want to do, forgotten to do or just waste away. So our mind has this great capacity to find out hundreds of reasons why we are not doing it.
Where do we learn that?
As a child we have given ourselves the leeway to find answers for all our misdoings. Even if we take up a candy found in someone’s bag and have eaten it, we won’t tell or we wouldn’t own up to eating it. This is a kind of a defensive behavior and a method of getting past our silly crimes. We learn to tell white lies and stand up to ourselves when we feel suppressed.
As we grew up, this habit grew with us. So in studies too, when the chips were down, we came up with various unknown illnesses, disasters, deaths, shortages and what nots as reasons for failing to perform. Later, it continued in the job front when we met our first set of disappointments. Later we lost our jobs and so the easiest way of getting out is to tell the whole world that we are on sabbatical!
Sabbatical, my foot! No one is offering a lazy bone like me a good job. But without blaming our own selves we have to extricate ourselves so it became a sabbatical.
The universe offers us various opportunities to do something and always be up and away but our lazy nature always pulls us down.
Today it is the tamasic Yuga or the age of laziness and lethargy. So being lazy and full of inertia, we do not want to show the world how bad we are, so we resort to reasons.
A person who leaves his or her job and sits at home for a few days gets into the comfortable groove sooner than he or she can think. It is our inherent tendency to relax and have a laid back life so we do that.
The important part is for us to discipline ourselves. Be extremely strict about our own behavior. We should never make concessions to ourselves. Don’t ever say that we want to relax just this one time. The one time will extend to many times and then it will turn into a deadly habit. Then no one can save us. So stop giving concessions.
Only in dire emergencies should we give ourselves the break. It should be a compelling reason and not some silly stupid excuse. Maybe we are down with dengue or our parents or spouse is dead. Hope you got the gist of the compelling reason.
The human body is capable of healing itself and going through the worst case scenarios too. If we are talking of pain as a silly reason, then think about the pain in childbirth! Are the two comparable by any standards?
Failure to succeed helps us in bettering ourselves the next time, if we were to stop cajoling and degrading ourselves. But if we listen to our stupid mind which always shows us the downside then we will always want sympathy and pity. We will then turn into people who love giving reasons for failures.
Rising above that state of utter disaster or ruin, we can make another beautiful Rome but if like Nero we want to cry and collect tears, we will only play the lute and mourn, cry and crib about our disasters and failures.
Now let’s see what steps to take if we do not want to be the crybabies. First and foremost stop giving reasons for everything. Apologize and accept that we haven’t done it and then promise to deliver the next time. Ask the universe a chance to repeat the opportunity again. Then be disciplined and approach the problem with full gusto. Be prepared for all eventualities. Come up with an airtight plan for success. Work hard towards that goal of reaching the targets. Stop procrastinating and do the jobs there and then. Don’t be afraid and put the best foot forward. Take help if need be.
Set goals and markers. Work really hard towards it and proceed with full enthusiasm. We are bound to succeed. Don’t wallow in failures but look forward towards success. Enjoy the moment of glory but don’t dwell for long there. We still have a long path ahead. Life is a journey so go about it with full enthusiasm.
Above all stop giving reasons for failures. Remember, those who succeed never have to give silly and stupid reasons. So stop being an idiot. Let’s Go win!

Image Courtesy by pixabay