God And Corruption.

Why doesn’t God destroy corruption completely? Can you eradicate corruption with spiritual? Can you remove cold from your body completely? I am talking about your running nose, cough, phlegm, etc.. As many times as you have tried to destroy it, that cold has come back with vengeance. Even the most hardy drug cannot destroy it. It’s recurrent and has its uses. Don’t you get rest and have to stay back home when you have a cold?
Corruption is that one such cold. You can never ever eradicate it. It may become dormant for sometime but it will never die. You can make fantastic drugs for destroying it but these can never have permanent effect on that.
Just as cold strikes you, firstly you overlook it. You allow it to become solid. You wait for it to solidify and as the phlegm becomes thicker, you then tend to notice it. Later, you may visit the doctor and try out some medicine which doesn’t seem to take any effect. Then the cold subsides. It’s a natural phenomenon.
In the same way, corruption gains momentum slowly and steadily and once it has gained a solid foothold, the disease becomes unbearable and that’s when you start complaining about it. There isn’t a single nation in this world where corruption isn’t prevalent. The rot has set in all the nations of this world. Even if we were to create an Atlantis on the moon, this bug will follow us.
The greatest of the institutions in the world are affected by corruption. You don’t seem to agree with me here? Funny, how you throw the spiritual texts at me! Everything in this created world is corrupt. Even if God takes the form of a man, He is corrupted by the self generated system called illusion or maya.
Maya is like the clouds in the sky. They appear and disappear. They are supposed to contain water vapor which condenses into rain. These evaporate from our sight the moment they become heavy. The same become river or sea. Again the water evaporates and becomes clouds. The cycle continues.
Similarly the cycle of the corruption of the human being started right at the beginning of time. Note the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. The killing of Abel and so on.
Those who have grandiose plans of removing this wanted evil from this world can never succeed. For these ideal kinds, it’s an unwanted evil but for the ones who have learnt to live with it, it’s a necessary evil.
Corruption defines the good people who follow the path of righteousness. Just as black defines white. If there was no black in the system, how will you know that there is white? If there was only the truth, how are we to know that truth? So we have falsehood to appreciate the truth.
By killing one Saddam or Hitler, Duryodhan or Ravana it is not possible to remove corruption completely. There will be more such elements born every minute. The virus is much stronger and man learns to live with it.
Whether it is school or college admission, politics or financial markets, birth or marriage, everything is tainted. Nothing can be pure in this world. No created being or object can be pure.
So coming towards my subject of spiritual. There is nothing pure or holy here. Creation by itself is impure. It is corrupted beyond measure. So you have to stop looking for purity here. The place which can never be reached by your senses or mind, body or your thinking is that special domain called spiritual. To reach there, you cannot use any of the known tools like the ones mentioned.
To understand God, you have to let go of this mind of yours. The One we are talking about is far beyond the manifest. So if you wish to travel there, you have to first loose this idea of a body/mind.
It’s just like traveling in outer space at the speed of light. You need warp speed like Star Trek vehicles. You need a captain like James Kirk whom we call the Guru. You also need the stellar guidance system(GPS) like the map of the universe guide book. These are the texts. You have to travel in the same spaceship like Starship Enterprise, which is your own body. To go beyond you have to set warp speed. You have to escape gravity and other forces. These are forces which are those logical stuff we are made up of. Our mind controls most of it.
Once you have understood that this body and mind are the things that holds up our progress, we will then know that it’s not those things we have to defeat but go along and go beyond.
In the same way, corruption is part and parcel of this universe so don’t bother too much about it but learn to go beyond. We live in this world harmoniously with good and evil, bad and the good, body and spirit and we should never stop those who condemn it. They too are a part of this universe. Maybe they don’t see eye to eye with us, so it shouldn’t really matter. We all have our jobs cut out for us.
Those who want to save the world from evil and those who are goodness personified and then the evil themselves. To each his own. Good always wants to triumph evil and this play goes on continuously, forever!
So, let’s focus on getting to the other side at warp speed. Mr. Spock let’s roll, Mr. Sulu, thrusters on full!

God and Corruption
God and Corruption

Image Courtesy by World Bank