God Can Do Anything?

anythingGod can do anything, comprendez? So what did you expect to see? Some old geezer with hollowed wizened face, scrunched eyebrows, long hair, big flowing beard and long robes? You surely aren’t talking of Dumbledore, right?
This is a classical description of some cool spiritual dude! I mean you expect Jesus to look like this long bearded person with robes et al? Jesus will never visit in that getup. Why wouldn’t you expect Him to wear the trendiest of the clothes with the best accompaniments? Great shoes, well groomed hair and everything that makes Him the Hot Guy!
You will never recognize Him then, you say! Any which way how will you ever recognize Him then? You have a cliched and a concocted appearance of His in your mind and you expect Him to conform to that image? A modern avatar of any great persona will be conforming to the latest imagery, won’t it?
I have met some of the greatest sages and been able to talk to them and recognized them. I met Tukaram who was busy expounding or doing some sort of spiritual argument with another sage Dnyneshwar and they were in their casuals. I met my own Guru who didn’t even resemble the three headed God that I know Him to be. He appeared like a very young boy who is Himself lost. It was tough recognizing Him. Similarly, one of the avatars of Narada came to meet me and sung songs for full four to five years and danced too. Purandardasa was secretly visiting His dearest one. One day we all met an old village woman who asked for money. She was Lakshmi in Her disguise. Who would have recognized Her that way?
So if you have preconceived notions about the divine, you should drop them now itself. You will never find anyone in the way it is visualized by others. Now for your own belief systems. When you are deeply devoted to The Lord and have absolute faith in Him, then whichever form you wish Him to take, He will!
Whenever you are in deep trouble, He will appear to you as your dearest friend, when you are at the end of the teether, know that He will surely be there for you. He only takes form for the satisfaction of His devotee. So that He can fulfill your deepest desires, He assumes a form. He is otherwise formless.
So when people come to me thinking that I am an old fart with orange clothes and bobbling head, they are in for a shock. Why are you expecting to see me in some old fashioned outfit or robe? Having learnt fashion design and sold some of the trendiest of clothes. Done a make over for many people, what makes you think that I need to look saintly? Nerdy dudes are supposed to look nerdy and not hot, you think? So also the spiritual masters aren’t supposed to look cool? Who gave you that idea? C’mon you gotta be kidding if I can’t use this language too! So you mean to say only you have the absolute rights of using this slang?
I, too use the urban dictionary and know most of the stuff in there. So LOL is not your domain alone. Got that? In the same vein, let me tell you that you shouldn’t compartmentalize God or His sages. They are Avadhutas or free souls and they have a right to use whatever means they can and whatever form which suits them. You wear a tux for the weddings so why can’t He? So stop trying to put some picture on to Him. He too uses Snapchat and His appearance changes accordingly. Even the language attributed to Him is archaic so don’t think He is going to speak Aramaic or Sanskrit. He must be using Duolingo like most of us. Yes, Google and Facebook also. Don’t you put restrictions on Him. After all He is God and can do anything.

Image Courtesy by pixabay