God’s Retribution?

Is God revengeful and should I be afraid of Gods retribution? Why will God put me in trouble even after I have done so many good deeds? I am a good human being and I do only good in this world, so why do I have to bother about some god of yours? I haven’t done anything wrong so why should I be afraid of some retribution?
This is how the non believers think about the gods of the believers. They believe these gods are looking for revenge and want to harm the people any which way. This is truly the worst possible way of understanding god.
Here we are talking about someone who upholds archaic laws of this world. But that is not the case.
Versions of ancient texts talk of such a kind of vindictive god. But common sense will tell us, that even humans will not be so vindictive then why is this kind of revengeful behavior attributed to some god? Do you believe he loves to torture you and enjoys doing so?
Since ancient times, floods, droughts, lightening, diseases and every other calamity is supposed to have been caused by some angry god somewhere. Then man was just a scared creature believing in the unknown as the biggest threat. This unknown threat was called god. No one could predict him, since they couldn’t see him. His wrath was supposed to be terrible since man was doing so much wrong. Can you really understand this strange kind of belief? Why would anyone in the right sense take revenge or destroy innocent human lives along with other so called sinners? Doesn’t sound logical to anyone. Do you believe anyone would take pleasure in killing people just for the heck of it? There are those mentally deranged people who go about shooting or killing people, so does this strange god belong to that category? I am not so sure. Unless and until he is some weirdo.
So let’s stop attributing such bs to the God. These are truly psychopaths that we are talking about. God is not that. That’s some wild imagination at play.
Every little story from the holy scriptures are codecs and hidden into the simple stories are deeper secrets. They need to be decoded.
Do you really believe the parables of Jesus are so simple? Do you believe it’s easy to crack the book of genesis? Or revelations? Or even the Jatakas of Buddha? These are not some simple tales for us to feel happy about. These are hidden truths for us to decipher.
You need some very special person to unravel them for you. He is called the Master or knower of truth. With the little brain that God has given you, do you really believe you can understand these profound truths? So stop kidding yourself and take to these Masters who can surely put you on the right path.
Stop speculating about these gods and revengeful unknown beings. Looking above in the sky, doesn’t take you anywhere at all. There are no gods there above. There is only space filled with beautiful stars and planets and other heavenly bodies. Science taught you that. So stop looking to the skies and learn the
Truth about this God. Not some falsehood concocted by some wild person.
Knowing the truth you will be free. Again learning by rote some scriptures has no meanings. Even the parrot does that, but doesn’t know god. So stop that too. No priests or pundits can show you that god. They tell you rituals and practices which will disillusion you further. Get the right knowledge from the true Master alone.
Know the truth by seeking this Master first. Someone who can truly show you the real God and give an experience of Him.