Grace, Faith And Love!

We have often heard the term “Grace is on you,”which has made you ask yourself what in the world does it mean?
When you are a teachers pet in school, you will surely understand that she is doing special favours for you. Lets see how it works?
The teacher explains a very simple topic which is understood by you but the others may not understand. You may ask why does this happen to me and not to some others? You are pally with your teacher and are conducive to her ideas. You can understand her words because of an important ingredient called “love”! You love her, her teachings, her methods and everything about her so your seepage is better or your grasping of the subject. Not so with others.
The others hate her guts, do mischief during her class and don’t like her in general. Since there is no mutual love between them, the topic itself becomes mundane or boring and hence it doesn’t seep in.
The same applies in spiritual. We are sometimes very much in an agitated state so we hate going to the place of worship. But at other places which we love, we are able to go. You get easy access also. You finish your prayer or your offerings are accepted quickly.
All this goes to prove that you have the grace. And there are those who don’t have it.
When grace of God descends upon you the knowledge will fructify and you will understand. The grace is like the suns rays. The sun spreads them evenly. But it’s you who will take an umbrella and shield yourself from that. It’s you who can keep out that grace.
To accept grace you should have the capacity to absorb, the deepest form of love and the faith. Without faith nothing can be acceptable by you. To accept something whole heartedly we need faith and belief in that. Then for it to assimilate and bear fruit in ourselves we should have love.
We all have some holy book or another in our home library but we hardly open it. It’s just a show piece. The moment you take it down and dust it, you show it respect. Then as you open it, the knowledge enters you. Read it with love and you will understand.
Such is grace. Be open to it with full faith and accept it with love. It will pay.

Photo Credit : pixabay