Guilty Till Made Innocent!

In spiritual we say, “Guilty till made innocent,” whereas in the material world it is innocent till proven guilty!
In the normal material world you can commit any crime and if you aren’t caught or till it is not legally proven in the court of law, you are deemed innocent.
Take the case of child molester who continues to do that till he is caught and then goes to prison but till the witnesses don’t prove to the court of his guilt, he is considered innocent. Now if he were to be proven guilty by law legally and yet he was doing the crime to a nymphomaniac then is he still guilty? The law believes that sex with a young person below the legal consent age is illegal. But when he faces a nymphomaniac then what does the law states?
When Vladimir Nabokov wrote Lolita, he was talking of a nymphomaniac on one side but the guilt would remain with the so called perpetrator because of the underage legal clause.
So when we have the real life Robin Hoods doing their acts, do we still believe them to be guilty by law? Do we still consider a woman not guilty of manslaughter when she takes revenge of her raped modesty?
Now let’s see how it works in spiritual where there are no such shades of grey! In the spiritual world we are all guilty of human life. We are always under the sway of the great deluder called Maya! Even a child which uses his mind is deluded. Right from birth all get deluded. You may ask how can an infant be deluded? The answer is that when a baby looks at his worldly mother or father and knows them as his provider, for milk or warmth or whatever, he is tainted by untruth. The child believes the parent to be his own who gave birth.
As he grows up, more falsehood comes into play(I will say she after this)! She starts believing in all the falsehoods in this world. Starting from parentage to school and college to marriage to motherhood. She believes the child coming out from her womb belongs to her. The delusion deepens further and further. Attachments come into play and possessiveness happens.
But the moment you hit the path of spiritual and she meets her Guru, she starts knowing that only the body is the doer and that she is not the body.
This journey into spiritual put everything upside down. The guilt is with the body alone and that she is not the mother or perpetrator of anything in this world.
The body is impure and so is the mind. But she is neither the body nor the mind.
This divine knowledge will not get fructified till she goes through the pains of sadhana or disciplines on the path of spiritual. It is called the tapas or the hardships of purification or purificatory rites to be performed to becoming pure.
Spiritual perfection or purity is a pathway towards freedom or moksha. Only after you follow the disciplines laid out by your spiritual Master can you start becoming pure to reach Brahman.
So in conclusion, the greatest crime of murder or the smallest one like telling lies on one side to the other the lowest crime of human birth to Brahman hatya which is the highest crime can be overcome by spiritual practices.
Doing the sadhana and becoming purer by the day to reach spiritual perfection is the reverse process in life.
So it’s said that you are guilty till you become innocent. When that happens you get another birth which is purest so you are called twice born! Or Dwija!

Image Courtesy by pixabay