Guru Aagya And Executing It!

SriRam refused to kill the bird with his bow and arrow and also restrained his brother Lakshmana from using his weapon. The Master reprimanded SriRam for not listening to Him. The Master then destroys the bird with His weapon, telling SriRam that the bird was only an illusion.
The instructions of the Master need to be followed to the T, without using your reasoning capabilities. The Master tells SriRam that He would never allow His disciple to fall down, so what made SriRam think that His Master would make Him kill that bird? It was a test of SriRam to check whether He would follow His Masters commands and SriRam failed in it miserably!
A few days ago, Swami Hriyananda(of Kamareddy) also told a similar story on Guru Agya. He said that when He tells his disciple to go to the market to get an item, the disciple tells the Master that it is raining and he would go out once the rain stopped. Swamiji said that the disciple should have complete faith in the Master and follow the instructions. Don’t you think the Master has enough powers wherein He would stop the rains also? So if the disciple had faith in his Master then there would be no rain at all.
Swami Nityananda of Ganeshpuri once told 3 of His disciples to lift and shift a massive rock from front of His ashram and they could do it with little effort! Just a little while ago the same rock could not be moved an inch also by 25 other people. How was this impossible task so easily done? It is called faith in the words of the Guru.
Again listening is the highest form of worship. Listening to the sweet words of the Guru and imbibing them in our lives is a must. Thinking, cogitating and dwelling on them is very important. Constantly interrupting the sage or providing words or meanings when the Master speaks is a habit of the unsteady minds. Listening to the complete words and only after the Master stops speaking can you ask your doubts.
Trust and faith in the words of the Guru and following them without doubting Him leads us to emancipation.