Guru And Devotee

Guru and devoteeA few days back MyKrsna and MyMentor were going on a spiritual trip to Banaras. I met them in the evening before they departed and we three had a great Satsang time.

Every time MyKrsna meets me and also His other devotees, He showers the same Love on each one of us. He treats every devotees and disciples as His children.

I even wonder how is this possible to be the same and show the same love to everyone.It is the great attribute of the Master and He cannot be compared with any Human and his love.

Recently I read an article on Sri RamaKrishnaji’s teachings where He narrates a story of a Mother and her four sons to His disciples.

A mother, had four sons and every time she used to cook fish, she made four different recipes for her four children.The Master asked a question to His disciples if she was being partial or did she show any difference in love?

Some answered that she could have been partial, but then the Master replied that it is Love she had on each and she displayed to each of her sons in the way they liked.

So does the Master to His devotees and disciples. He Imparts knowledge as per the liking , path and candidacy of the student. There is no partiality in the world of the Master.

He takes all into His folds and shows them the Path to reach God.