Happy Birthday!

Why do I need to wish this body a Happy Birthday? I have to with love. Thank you, Suresh for this body. Here is wishing you a very very happy birthday. May the good Lord bless you and shower you His wonderful grace.

It’s been thirteen long years since you allowed me to be with you. Had it not been for this body, I would not have been able to do the wondrous deeds that I wanted to do. Truly, your sacrifice has been marvelous.
We never thank our bodies for giving us this opportunity to see and experience this wondrous creation of God. We abuse and give it so much pain. We make it go through such a tumultuous journey that it becomes weaker and fragile everyday.
Giving it love and respect, we have to use the best possible tool given us by God. It has been filled with a great gadgets like the mind and intellect. Always use and return with thanks those great tools.
This body is like an aircraft or a vehicle which takes us place to place and we should keep it properly oiled and ready. Making the best possible use of it. Never misusing it. It has tremendous potentials for raising you higher and higher, going to the furtherest and deepest parts of Gods creation. It also has the immense capacity to hurtle you down the slimiest and dirtiest hell holes of time too. But making the best possible use, we can rise above to reach our Father, The Lord.
Krsna’s benevolent kindness has provided us this opportunity to work with this wonderful body of greatness.
So let’s us honor it and praise it to the highest today. Let’s get it going to the highest of realms of Godhood. Never to put it to the worst possible uses. Always praise The Lord for providing it to us.
God bless you all for partaking this journey with your own vehicles. Let’s reach our great Father with this beautiful vehicle provided to each one of us. Thank our bodies for being there and showing us this wondrous garden of Eden today.
Thank you Suresh’s body for giving me this opportunity to witness God and his marvelous Leelas. Happy birthday to you.


Image Courtesy by    Google Images