Heart It For HRT!

Heart it for HRT!
What is HRT you may ask? HRT is hormone replacement therapy.
As people grow older, the level of hormones which gives the person the zing or zest in their lives as young people goes down significantly. So you need HRT! Got that?
Everyone talks so much about the older methods of medicine. I am not against the usage of older techniques but the new methodology needs to be given it’s due respect. The proponents of Ayurveda are dead against using allopathy and oppose the introduction of newer techniques or sciences. But why should the world not adopt the latest techniques? May I ask what is that grander reason for not following any new therapies?
People must remember the reason why the old folks couldn’t give you the latest inputs is because there wasn’t much scientific advancements then. Today we have electron microscopy and testing done in much more minutest detail than before. Every drug might be undergoing testing better than earlier. If there is a valid proof for treatment and results then what harm is there for trying it out? The goal for both the types is to save lives, isn’t it? Or to improve our standards of living.
We see so many changes happening in today’s day and age in therapy. There weren’t invasive techniques earlier, later there were, now we have better methods like laser and many more. So why is it not needed to go for that? It’s not known what will work or not. But the chances for getting better treatment in any method should be preferred. Let’s say the loss of zest or zeal for life has gone out of a person as he approaches 50-60 years of age and he starts on HRT of testosterone or women on estrogen and he/she starts to feel good about it then why shouldn’t he/she go for it? He should get convinced that what he is getting into is good for him then he should go ahead.
Sometimes a person may go in for long term benefits of Ayurveda or Homeopathy and may feel good after that. He should not bother about it but go ahead and try that. Some are seekers of natures basket so they may go for fresh fruits,veggies or concoctions for their rejuvenation. These people take avocado or green tea or some other stuff which makes their lives fulfilling. Some may follow an exercise regime and others may go for long walks.
Some may resort to yoga or meditation and others may just laze in front of the television.
Does it matter? To each his own. But one should never try to thrust or push someone into following his own techniques. What may apply to one may not apply for others.
Let they themselves decide what is good for them. Otherwise you can consult a specialist and arrive at your own understandings. Those who believe that going for artificial methods is harmful for them should go for natural ones.
As it is we try out newer and newer stuff every single day from toothpastes in the mornings to after dark creams or therapies, so why not others? Yesterday we resorted to fresh foods and today we go for those which are frozen or precooked. Take outs or outside dining is a norm in countries which are technologically or economically advanced. Poorer cousins are taking home ramen noodles and pouring hot water in it.
I hope you get the picture. Do what you believe is right for you. From taking HRT to avocado juice, from eating escargots to clams, climbing mountains to rappelling, extreme medical/ethical methods to natural ones.
We have much lesser time in hand and so much to do. It requires too much energy and enthusiasm, so adopt methods that suit you. Anyway we all have to die some day but if you get a chance to run to the base camp at 70, you should do that too. Otherwise how will you fulfill you bucket list? So go on and try as you like it!

Heart it for HRT
Heart it for HRT

Image Courtesy by Fox News