How Do You Find Answers?

AnswersWhen you are confused and don’t know what to do or how to do, so how do you find answers? This happens to all of us always. You aren’t sure about anything at all. You believe any decision that you might take may jeopardize your chances of success. So you are unsure and refrain from deciding.
Let us examine this uncertain being in the first place. The person is unsure because he has been told of the risks involved, previous mistakes, past performances, comparisons, endless loops, laziness or inertia and gazillions other reasons.
This is a very normal scenario where you can’t decide any which way. There might be too many or very little parameters to decide within.
I am not going to dwell on the whys you are facing but the most important part is how to solve the problem soon! There are steps to follow here.
First of all can you actually understand the problem? Do you know what the issue is? It may not be an issue at all since you are not able to find the nub! So first find out what the problem is! Pinpointing it works magic. You will be able to start trying to find solutions only if you know what the problem is!
Write it down on a piece of paper. This step is never followed by most of us. We assume we know the issue so well that we hardly pay any attention to writing it down. Remember you can only solve it provided you know the issue. In the right way or seriousness. You have to show your sincerity while solving it. Otherwise you will have no clarity.
The next thing is to believe that there are solutions to everything. If you close your mind to finding answers, how can you find them? So believe there are answers and solutions to your vexing issues.
Focus on the issue with single pointed devotion. If your mind wanders while doing this, can you imagine how much confusion will be there then! So gather your mind only to solve this problem. Put all your energies together.
Sit and pen down what are the things or ingredients needed to get out of this situation. Write down a full list of things that you can do to solve it. Have you noted down every single thing that can be done and not left out any? It may be the remotest possibility but do write it down. You may think that you need a miracle right then to solve your problem. It’s an impossibility. But don’t you close your mind to even this impossibility. You know if you keep the options open for the universe to work magic, it will work!!!
Stop being pessimistic about everything or everyone. If solving your problem is dependent on other people then take their help. If you only feel that you alone are capable of solving it then it may start with a failure. People, place, time, money and other things do matter a lot so don’t discount it. Take help. Take a loan or borrow if you feel that is the solution but only after you have charted out a plan for repayment.
Stick to your timelines and schedules. Any fallback on time can destroy the chances of success. Always believe in your ability to do anything. Even the impossible!
Keep your word if you want to succeed. Trust yourself in doing the job perfectly. If you loose faith in yourself how can you possibly succeed? So first believe in yourself and if you are a believer of the divine, then do that too!
We all need a boost from people around us so gather around those kind of people who will motivate you and stay away from those who always deride you. The critics are good but not when you are desperate for answers. So keep all critics away for the time being.
Assemble all the required ingredients for concocting success. Then go about doing the job in a very concentrated manner. Focus on the issue alone and drop all other stuff that might be a distraction.
Surely you will arrive at a solution soon. Success will not delude you if you keep on trying in a focused manner. Your sincerity is essential. Your hard work and efforts will bear fruits soon. So here are few essential words to overcome your indecisive or uncertain nature!
Know the problem!
Write it down!
Gather ingredients!
Focus on solving issues!
Take help if need be!
Single pointed devotion to problem solving!
Have faith in your own self and abilities in finding solutions!
Do work diligently. Don’t loose focus!
You will find answers surely.

Image Courtesy by pixabay