How Do You Stack Up Against Statham?

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me how you stack up against Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie or Katrina Kaif? Do you like what you see? No! Those are superstars of course, you moron! Sorry!healthy
But truthfully, you will still say, I like myself with that little bit of protruding paunch. Now, don’t take that stomach in! You do have a big paunch! So stop sucking your breath in.
The pimples come and go as and when they like, you say! Maybe I am becoming younger. No way, you are getting older and those pimples are a reminder to you to tell you that you haven’t had sex for a long time. Hmmm! Don’t tell me all your bs theories? C’mon! No sex, lots of pimples.
I know today my article may shock the hell out of you. But honestly, you better start taking care of yourself.
Now why do we waste ourselves in the first place? Here are some great answers. If you do not find yours please add it in the comments column for addendum!
I can’t stop eating. I feel that it is in my genes. My entire family from mothers side was fat! I love chocolates, fried stuff, fast food, chat and all the calorific food. Tell me do I have to become a beauty queen? I am married and now what do I have to look forward too. See, my kids are healthy since I breastfed them, is that a crime to be healthy to feed them? I have nowhere to go, so why the hell? I hate exercising? My husband/ wife doesn’t look at me anymore so for whom should I reduce? It’s too late in life now……
See, the list is endless. I know you can add a lot more to the cause of being obelisk! What makes you think that you are passé in life?
There is no age for being fit and fine. Trim and healthy! So start right now.
It builds up your self esteem. You don’t have to do it for someone else. No one needs to appreciate you. You should feel good about your own self first. When you see yourself, you should say,”I look great.” Now you gotta maintain yourself even if you are turning 50 or 70. Exercise, eat healthy but not fatty, avoid calories which are useless, wear clothes which make you feel nice about yourself. Consult a trainer or a designer who knows their job well. A trainer who can guide you in reducing at the right places and a fashion designer who knows how to dress you properly. I know both are pricey situations. But it’s a small cost for feeling great.
Don’t deride yourself and be nice to your body. Keep it in perfect condition always. Use stuff that will improve your life quality. Using shampoo, deodorant, makeup or other stuff which can artificially enhance your looks or smells are good as long as you don’t overdo it. Keep the environment as fit as yourself. Don’t become good looking at the cost of the environment! Got it?
So finally, fat is not great. Fit is great. So be good to yourself and start thinking that you need to look good for yourself and go for it dude!!!