How Much Sleep Do You Need?

How much sleep do you actually need? Some say they need 8-10 hours, some 6-8 hours and some supposedly spiritual people say 3-4 hours! Sleep is required to recoup our bodies of stress and strain, wear and tear and renew and rejuvenate the cells.
Actually sleep is dependent on our tendencies and inherent qualities. A sloth bear would sleep for long hours, a dog would be alert, a cat would curl up, a bird would sleep standing, a cow or bull would doze off, an owl and bat would sleep at daytime, birds will get up early and a snake would curl around itself.
So now you know how to identify whom you closely resemble. Sleep or wakeful state is an inbuilt mechanism and can be overcome by anyone who strives to defeat their old tendencies.
So sleep if you must for as much as you want to. But being human, you have got the ability to overcome anything in this world. So you decide how much sleep you actually need.

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