How Pure Is Purity?

How pure is purity? When we say that the person is pure, what does it mean? Does it mean that he has no impure thoughts, doesn’t involve in any impure speech or action? All of the above doesn’t mean pure.
Would you use an used item if you were offered it? A used soft drink bottle, where the person who has touched it to their lips but might have not taken a sip also? No one would like to drink from that. Why? Because even if you have a tiny amount of suspicion of the object having being opened, you won’t touch it. It is contaminated or used. Same is the case for all human beings.
Why did the men insist on wives who were virgins? Or what is this idea of heaven with virgins? So does that have significance to being pure? Or do heavens have purity measures? When they say the heavens have angels with wings and everything is so crystal clear, pure and bright, what exactly does it sell you? Do they mean that there are places which are not contaminated?
So purity is all about divinity, godliness, heavenly and all the clean and bright stuff, right?
Now that the worldly see it that way, can the same people ask the question in life- is anyone pure? The resounding answer is NO! Everyone is tainted by impurity. Anyone who has human birth is impure. So when we say that she is pure, what do we exactly mean? Is it about being relatively pure? That means she is 50%purer than another one! Funny, how we measure purity! So remembering how we refuse to touch a bottle of soft drink even if we have an iota of doubt of being sipped even once by someone else, will put it back by a million miles in purity! So even a single act could tantamount of being accustomed or knowing about the object and branded used or having an experience of it. There is no innocence in that object any more. It is contaminated and used. So the purpose of this writing is to know how to attain that purity.
Just like a bar of iron turns to gold when it is touched by the mythical magical lodestone, anything that is impure when touched by the divine turns into absolutely pure stuff. What do these words mean?
When Mary Magdalene was touched by Jesus, she was purified. So was Ambapali who got the blessings of Buddha. The Guru is that epitome and connection of the divine. His touch is the lodestone. It purified you.
Purity is attainable but not in this body. It is the divine which is not the body, which is pure. Just like we have to purify the crude to get petrol or clean the muck and cut the diamond from the rock of crystal.
We are the purest essence of God which lies deep within. We have to rise above the mundane, bodily frame and the mind to reach the divine. Divinity is not found in the five bodies or the elements in this world. It’s beyond all that. Beyond the gunas too.
Purity lies there far beyond and it’s within our grasp. We have to overcome this body and mind first. So that pure is purity. No contamination or tainting there. That’s the divine. Your route to purity is the path which goes from front of the gurukul. Touch that loadstone and become one with the pure inside.

Image Courtesy by pixabay