How To Find Time For Spiritual?

I work the whole day taking care of my kids and husband and then I wonder where do I find time for taking a peek at spiritual ? I guess most of the people who look at spiritual as a part time occupation. I find it extremely unnerving when someone says to me that they are in it whole time! How can someone just leave everything and spend time singing songs, meditating or just sit whiling time away like that I wonder? I have so much to do and here these wretched people are sitting doing absolutely nothing and are shamelessly asking for food and other things? They can surely make a living and not be a burden on society! I go to temples, roam all over the holy places, visit holy rivers, meet some spiritual people when time permits, read some spiritual books like the Ekhardt Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Paulo Coehlo, Rumi, The Bible, Bhagavad Gita and some such books too. We celebrate festivals just like all our community people, take part in donation drives when they come for collections, shave heads for charity and the like.
Yet you tell me that I am not in spiritual?
By the way let me tell you that I visit the local priest also who guides us with the perfect dates or tithes, tells us when we need to observe fasts, give offerings to gods, do some sort of purificatory rites and do our annual journey to holy places. He is a great tantrik and has done so many miracles till today. And hey, do you know its not so easy to meet him. His schedules are very busy and if you really want to meet him, you gotta take appointment a year in advance. Of course, he is my spiritual master!
I am sure you have heard these above statements from most of the so called spiritual people.
When Shankara asked how he could find time for spiritual, his Guru told him to take sanyasa!
So now let us see how our material worldly people can find time for the true spiritual?
Let me confirm it to you here that going to some temples, rivers, so called holy people, doing rites and rituals, reading books or the things mentioned above does not constitute being in spiritual.
It all starts with the grace of God descending down on you and then finding a true Master.
Jesus once said,”Be eager for the word. The first aspect is faith, the second is love, the third is works and from these comes life. This is also how you acquire heaven’s kingdom for yourself. Unless you acquire it through knowledge, you will not be able to find it.”
There are no rituals to perform. No rites to do. No places of worship to visit. No worthless books to read except for those that came from the spiritually perfect. No donations to give. No heads to be shaven. No gods to bow down to. No dogmas to be followed.
When the time is perfect, you will be drawn in spiritual.
You will have no clue as to what it is that makes you yearn for spiritual ken and company of some holy people. Spiritual is not about miracles or sudden visions of wispy folks.
Its not about knowing your future.
Its not about feeling mighty happy or joyous. Its also not about sitting in meditation for hours and doing some bodily actions.
Haven’t you asked yourself why Jesus or Buddha, Rama or Krishna, Ramakrishna or Saibaba never smiled or did a dance? Ask yourself if they ever did a head stand or breathing exercises? Of course they asked their disciples to do all sorts of things but can you say if any of their disciples ever became like them?
So now stop thinking how to find time for that silly stuff you call spiritual.
Spiritual will come to you in the form of dispassion and detachment for this world on its own by the grace of God alone.
You should then seek out a true Master who can spend time with you and show you the path towards the truth. Not part time master but full time!
If you have these qualifications then you will automatically find time for spiritual.
Or rather time will find you! So will the Master and finally the knowledge.
Till then stop this useless methods of seeking spiritual.
Better pay more attention to your kid and husband.

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