Human Nature


She picked up the stray cat from the street. The cats leg had twisted and sprained. She took great care of the cat, put it in a small box with sufficient breathing space and then took it to the vet.
The vet straightened the paw and then it was time for the stray cat to be left where it was found. But the girl couldn’t leave the tiny creature on the road. She took the cat home and gave her shelter.
Whenever the cat wanted to eat, it came and nuzzled and purred so the girl could give her milk.
But the cat hissed and scratched the girl when she was angered. The girl suffered from diseases of the blood and breathing because of her fur. Yet the girl loved the cat.
Doesn’t it go to show that no cat will ever change herself. We too are just like that. We can never change our nature. We too hiss at our own savior. We scratch Him and cause Him so much pain. Human nature has undergone numerous modifications but it hasn’t changed at all. That’s why we are still said to have animal instincts.