Hypochondria And Imaginary Sicknesses!

HypochondriaYou meet all sorts of people in life. There are those who seem to fall sick every single day of life and there are those who have all possible imaginary diseases in life. Then there are those who eat medicines like they have breakfast every day.
Every family has this great person who has one affliction, disease or problems of health every day. He or she takes on cold, heat, sudden drop in temperatures, allergies, boils, dandruff, pains and aches in every conceivable part of body, period pains, headaches that come and go at anytime, leg pains, back aches and God alone knows whatever problems a body can experience.
Sometimes it’s food poisoning to indigestion. At other times its constipation to loosies. Now you see this person in your life?
My mother seems to catch diseases from the serials she watches on the idiot box.
Sometimes I used to give her placebo treatment and her ache and pains used to vanish like magic.
Then there are those who appear to have ADS. Attention deficit syndrome. Or can we say IWAS syndrome? I want attention syndrome!
Every second person needs a full body scan and tomography. You may ask why and I can say- I don’t know!
Can you really ask them if they actually need such profound treatment? Can a simple aspirin not work for them? But they love having very serious illnesses and heavy sounding wordy sicknesses.
I don’t want to generalize but can I say more than 50% of these people need attention and some lozenge to cure them. Yes, until next day!
The book of medicine has cures for almost all issues of the human body except the imaginary ones. Here even the shrink cannot help for a lifetime of such issues.
I have mostly sympathized with these silly people once or twice but later I just let them be. The only thing I tell them is that I am not a doctor and if you really need a cure lets go to the doctor and find out about your serious problem.
It always turns out that I am heartless person and non caring. If only I could see how much sick they are for once???
I can’t say that, can I?
Now check up the half eaten medicines they have stashed away or the medicine bottles they have not used! You could start a chemist shop with that.
Of course I too fall sick every year but I don’t seem to have dreadful diseases or need brain scans at the drop of the sputum!
A word of caution here. I have not written this article so that you shouldn’t go to the doctor every time you fall sick but I have penned it so that you don’t get habituated by silly issues. If you could solve them by OTC drugs( over the counter) then do it otherwise get your doctors opinion.
Seriously when a research was done on the doctors dispensary items handled by people, they found the old magazines and leaflets in their reception have the highest content of germs. Just like the worst possible item in your clean kitchen is the cleaning scrub. That contains a load of germs and lurking diseases!
So my blessings to you. Don’t fall sick to imaginary illnesses otherwise your dream may turn into a nightmare! Get well soon!

Photo Credit: pixabay

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