Hypocrites In Social Display!

We are the greatest hypocrites in social display and festivities. The idea of doing karwachauth or any other function because of our age old traditions for the sake of some benefits is absolutely wrong. To let their husband have a longer life or to keep them in good health was the motivation. But what if you want your useless husband to die soon? So you shouldn’t do it? Sounds so silly.
We have become so hypocritical today that all social activities are driven towards making some statement and getting brownie points in the society. Whereas if we were to actually dig deeper the sickness or rot that has happened can be seen.
Meeting people over Thanksgiving is a big farce. Everyone has the dirtiest thoughts in mind about the other or good thoughts about the food served. Same goes for karwachauth where the woman is bothered about the gifts and pouncing on lavish food. The guys are equally hypocritical. They sweat over what is a good gift and hate buying for their wedded wife and which they would lavish on their girlfriends. So what’s the big deal?
Abroad there are specified areas where you dress in finery and meet your social circle. In Diwali you blow non noisy and non polluting crackers and exchange pleasantries. In Ganesha you immerse idols in specified places and cause less pollution to places and environment. All these festivities in a controlled atmosphere are forced on you by society. So why not altogether stop them and live without them?
Same goes for the national days and other public holidays. What is it about Oktoberfest and Tomatina festival or the King Momo festival or the parades? Aren’t we just wasting our useless resources there too? Why not control that too?
The age old traditions came up because of some religious and social significance. But today these are all becoming redundant.
We should follow a ritual only if it makes sense. Just like the people who shave their heads or carry heavy stuff on their shoulders and trek to some temple. Or just some film stars walk miles for public display to a temple. Some donate solar devices or lighting the hillside for enough public relation activities. All bs stuff, right?
Stop celebrating it if you are not at all inclined towards it. If you do not have the fervor why fake it? Why become hypocrites when you can shut up about non conformity? Does your donation reach the stated locations when you pay them elsewhere? What use is it to you?
Instead focus on family bonding and less frivolous activities. Shower love on others and not venom. Celebrate the spirit of freedom and festivities with simple prayers. Don’t be ostentatious in festivals. Do things in moderation and lets not harm the environment if you so care for. Why celebrate at all? If it doesn’t appeal to you don’t do it!
Do things because you really care and not for social reasons. Anyway you can put up old pictures and go gaga over them. But don’t do things when you don’t actually mean it. Prayers to God and festivals are for self upliftment alone and not for public pronouncement. To get to that inner God, these outer activities are celebrated and not for PDA or PR activities. So pray to your Inner Self less noisily and without ostentations.