I Asked A Simple Question!

I asked a simple question!
Can you tell me if you can write in French?
And you say…….


I learnt it in school and now I am a little, sorry very much handicapped to even spell it. Writing in French is a long way. But if you want I can write German. I have done four years of German in the Max Muller Bhavan on CMH road. I also know certain amount of Italian so if you need any translation in Italian tell me! I know you must be looking for French translation because you will be going to Europe. Do you land at CDG airport in Paris?
Anyway, why did you want to write in French? Have you found a French girlfriend? Now I tell you, these French girls are really great. Wow!
Btw, my niece knows a bit of French. Can I ask her to get in touch with you?
Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg!!!!!
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!!!!!
I just asked you if you knew to write French and you gave me so much. Do you know the answer to that question is just YES or NO!
Get it?