I Don’t Need Saving!

I don’t need saving. I can tell you who is the best candidate for your generosity and contribution. They deserve your benefit and patronage the most.
Every human being thinks about someone else when it comes to some issues which need correction or addressing. They feel that they are content, fulfilled, have alls, non deserving, full up, complete, infallible, uncorrupted and that there is someone else who is lacking in it.
Once the sage was explaining the next weeks programmed of self empowerment to his disciples and one of them said that it’s the right program for his wife and that he will enroll her for that. The sage looked up and said that it’s not for her but for his dear disciple who needs it the most. If it was meant for his wife then she would have heard it first but since it was told to that group so it was meant for them alone.
So now you get it. If you are reading this article then it was meant for you to receive it alone and not those who don’t read it. You need correction or direction more than any other person. So you can please stay on and listen.
What comes to you naturally is the way of the universe to provide you with the answers. It is bringing up to your doorstep that which is essential.
Now you may say then why do I have to struggle for other stuff so much? I work my ass off for getting what I deserve and still the fruit is elusive.
Then my answer is that the universe does not think you need it but using your own will you are working towards it. That’s drawing newer karma. If it’s destined, then it comes on its own but when you work hard to get it then it’s newer karma creation.
I know this may not give you full understanding. So let’s leave it at that. What you deserve to know is what you will get to know. Right? What says?