I Give You My Word!

“I give you my word and I will keep it.” These are great words we hear often from people who believe in their integrity and truthfulness. But what is the truth?
When you are not even sure whether you will be alive the next instant, how can your word be alive then? Suppose you promise to take care of your parents throughout their lives and you believe your word is the absolute truth, then if you were to die what would happen to your word? Or you would be brought to a hand to mouth existence yourself, how can you take care of them?
I was faced with a similar dilemma in my own life. Till the time I was not in spiritual, I believed I owed it to my parents and family for my life. They had given birth to me and all that blah. So I owed it to them and I was determined to provide for their convenience. But destiny played it in such a way that they were taking care of me instead of me taking care of them!
For many years I struggled with this thought that I wasn’t a good son. I had let them down. This drove me towards depression and terrible guilt. I looked at others who so generously took care of their own and were so happy and here I was not even able to handle my own self.
So when I came into spiritual, I understood that I am nobody to take care of anyone. God, who has created this world takes care of everything. Even the tiniest of the creatures to the greatest. He knows what everyone has to be given and does so.
I am reminded of a beautiful Buddhist story. Once a young monk stepped out into this world from his monastery. He was told to beg for food when he felt hungry. He goes to the first house he sees and knocks on the door. The door is opened by a young girl with big breasts. Now this monk keeps on staring at them. He asks the elderly woman accompanying the girl what those are? The older woman realizes that this monk has never seen a young woman in life so she explains that God has created the breasts so that when she has children they can be fed with the milk that comes from there. The monk thanks the two and starts walking away without waiting for them to feed him. They run after him and ask him, why he is going away? He tells them since God has been so kind enough to create provisions for a baby well in advance, He surely must have made provisions for him too!
This story will tell you that God provides for everyone.
God has made this universe full of beautiful things. The birds and animals live life every single day. They go out to get food only when they are hungry. They are sure to find it. But man doesn’t believe in it. He has to hoard and save for the future. He has endless desires too. He has greed for gold and useless stuff. He gathers things which he believes will secure his future. He lusts and gets more and more.
So when I came into spiritual I stopped thinking what and how’s of tomorrow. The One who has brought me here knows why He did that. He has provided well in advance for me all that I need to have. So also He must have planned for everyone. So who am I to think that I am taking care of my parents? He does and will continue to do so.
God is kind and takes care of everyone and everything. I have to have full trust in Him and just do whatever He has sent me in this world to do. I need to show my faith in Him.
So all those who believe that they are giving their word to someone and need to keep it, know that there is far greater force than you who runs this world and knows how to take care of it. If God wants to give someone through you, He will provide you first and more so that you can pass the rest to others. So stop thinking that you owe it to someone if you are poor yourself. First take care of yourself and then if you are duty bound then take care of others only if you are capable of that. Know for sure God has already made provisions for His own children.

Image Courtesy by pixabay