I Hate Going Out With You!

W: Can we eat noodles or rice today? Or should we just go for the buffet? You tell me.
H: I just asked you to decide what we are having my dear and you decide this way?
W: But I did decide, didn’t I? You always say that I can never decide. Now you do it and don’t ask me. I hate going out for dinner. It always ends up in a fight. You order what you want and don’t ask me! Anyway you always make me feel this way. What’s new?
H: There is no use talking to you. You always throw a tantrum everywhere. I hate telling you that you should be deciding this stupid stuff every time. Why can’t you ever learn?
W: Why don’t you go for dinner with that floosy in your office? I know she’s got the hots for you.
H: Why are you dragging her here. This was all about us having a decent family meal and an evening out. You always end up this way. Dragging people who are not concerned. I hate doing this.
W: Lets go home. I don’t want to have any dinner here. Anyway now my appetite is gone. You eat if you want to. I am going home in a taxi.