I Have My Mother!

“Mere pass Ma hain!” I have my mother! Such were the famous dialogue of actor Shashi Kapoor in the Bollywood film Deewar! He was telling this to his elder brother who asks him what does he have? Amitabh Bachan says”I have money, house, car….etc.. What do you have?” And the above was Shashis answer.
Today the scene is his mother died, his wife ran away with someone else and he lost his job!
So my question is what do you really have? So you think by such grandiose answer you have some perishable item like a worldly mother with you? She too dies! The world order changes. She may run away with her boyfriend or sell you to the devil too! Who cares?
Don’t think you can own temporary stuff or perishable relationships or objects which can never last! These all vanish with time.
Check out what remains with you forever. That is God alone. He never dies, ditches you or runs away. He always is with us. So He is our Mother! Call Him your true Mother! Radhakrsna Mai! Krsna in Radha swarup who is your real Mother!