I, Me And Myself!

Why is it about I, Me and Myself all the time? Why does a person always keep himself first and foremost in almost everything in life? Can he not see beyond his nose. Now don’t you start saying- I am not like that. I always think about others first. Ha ha! Did you notice both the lines start with the capitalized letter- I!!!
So let’s begin your journey here.
I love you. I like what you do. I am sooo happy. I am sad. Why does the world always consider me as the villain? Why are you hurting me? Why doesn’t he understand that I am so upset? Why can I not get the same love he gives others? Why isn’t she talking to me? Why- am I not human? Am I not supposed to feel sad or bad? Are you thinking that I do not have a heart or feelings? I don’t want to take credit but…. Why would someone want to get me hurt I don’t understand, when I haven’t done a thing or anything wrong? Why do you always pick on me?
I am in pain. Do you ever understand how painful it is for me to live with him or her? I never have peace. I gave everything of mine to him or her. I haven’t anything left to offer you now. You gave what was mine away to that other person. You don’t love me anymore. You always talk about others, what about me? You don’t even look at me nowadays! I want him to make the wildest and craziest love to me. I am fully satisfied and fulfilled. I want you. I don’t care. I hate you. I can never live with you for another day.
I just want to die. Why doesn’t God take me away? Why am I always wrong? Why do you beat me? I am a born sufferer. I don’t want this life again.
Then it is I want to be the prime minister or president. My boss hates me. I am always sidelined in all decisions. They are all plotting against me. I don’t know how I will face them. My life is finished. I am so much ashamed of myself, You and my family!!!
Every sentence starts in our life with these three words. I, me and myself. So if it is about praises or glory, brickbats or hurt, it is towards me alone. Don’t go about correcting the sentence and grammar. It is all about me. I. Got that?
Lust, greed, anger, or be it any kind of feelings or emotions, they all start with the first person only. Whether it is pride or self pity, it’s all about oneself only. The ego is so strong that we don’t want to give up on that.
So then tell me where does anyone else come into the picture? Don’t say the mother does it for her child or the wife to her husband. They too are all selfish. Remember she does it to her(my) baby and her husband. Got that. The same she won’t do for others.
So how does one overcome this ego? The one answer is–you will when you meet your Guru.

Image Courtesy by pixabay