I Won’t Change My Stance!

“I won’t change my stance and I am very rigid about it!” Someone spoke to me a few days ago in this vein.
This was a lady who insisted she won’t take up a full time job even after her daughter had turned 6. She wanted to do something part time till her daughter turned 16! I asked her if something were to happen and she has to take up full time employment then would she?
Can anyone say anything about destiny? Anything can happen to anyone at any time. Yet we are so insistent on certain things and become rigid. Destiny can bend us backwards and twist us out of our straight unyielding stance.
It is advisable to adapt to any and every situation in life. Destiny can take us anywhere it wants us to go. Who are we to say I don’t want to do this or that when she strikes?
You expect the markets to rise and boom and it crashes beyond recognition. Some economies survive and some don’t. Some people can make through and some don’t. Some marriages survive and some don’t. Our lives are controlled by some invisible hands and we are always at the mercy of this unsure thing called fate!
I lost my dearest friend by a simple twist of fate. He was hale and hearty one day and the next day, he was no more. He had to undergo a simple surgery. He never got out alive from the anesthesia. My friends wife who loved him dearly one day decided to marry my late friends dear friend. I was aghast and felt cheated. Later, I was extremely happy to see the beautiful couple. My new friend and his wife were truly made for each other.
This twist of fate would not have come about if my dear friend would not have died. So his death was needed by destiny to fulfill it’s next deed.
So you should give the universe a chance to do what it wants to do and should never be rigid. We can never control our destiny so why try? Just go with the flow and face everything as it comes.
Just remember the phrase,”Everything happens for good alone.” So live in the moment and face life as it comes. Be a warrior and not a shirker!