worry for you

I Worry For You!

worry for youI heard this words everyday- I worry for you a lot! Now you too have said them so many times. It may be for your children or your pets too. What do you mean by saying I worry for you?
You are worried if the children will reach school in time. You worry whether the food will be sufficient for your guests or not, or whether the lights or the tap were left on when you went to work. You worry how your kids education will proceed when you don’t have any money left. You worry whether the mortgage amount will get paid or not this month since you are having to pay for medical bills. There are so many things to worry about.
So then just by worrying what do you achieve? Some progress happens or you end up getting frustrated and angry? Your anxiety creates more trouble for you than the one you worry for.
This person just walks out of the issue and moves on to the next one. From frying pan into the fire you will say. These people are capable of giving you white hairs earlier than their time.
There was a time every person read a book titled,”How to stop worrying and start living.” The book spoke of wonderful things. You implemented them and you felt free of all your worries. But isn’t that the truth? You carry your issues and worries with you like a backpack and get burdened with them. You get bent as the weight increase. So what use is the worry? We saw a beautiful movie called “Up in the Air” and saw the man walk with a single suitcase at airports. He lived out of the bag. If you have too much baggage, your worries increase exponentially. Doesn’t it tell you that the more baggage you carry you will have bigger and bigger troubles?
So desires, wants, needs, expectations, attachments, passion, greed and every other I, me, myself associated word will point you towards worries, troubles, pain, anxiety, hurt, etc.. So why possess such things or relationships which give you so much trouble?
You will worry if you think that object or person is yours. But the moment you give up ownership, the same anxiety and worry will vanish. Just think if someone whom you don’t know is injured, are you bothered? No! That’s because you don’t have ownership of that person. You are so much bothered about your kids health or studies but are you worried or bothered about someone else’s?
Doesn’t it tell you to then stop having this feeling of me and mine? Just understand that everyone comes with their own destinies. So who do you think you are to change or alter that persons? So stop worrying about another. You are not responsible for their destiny. If you feel you are then you will be doing whatever you are supposed to. Thus your ego will rise. The ownership will make you take on not only your karma but the other persons too. You will trap yourself and the other one. Be free and let the other be free too.
You do what you got to and let it be. If the water has to reach that person, it will. So do your part and move on. Don’t bother about the whys and wherefore’s. Since the results are never in your hands so stop worrying about results. Just bother about the doings. Just go about performing your duties. Worry will stunt your action so stop worrying.

image Courtesy by pixabay