Idol Worship

God, why do we have to do idol worship and pray to some images?

You don’t have to do that. You can as well do it in your mind.

I know we can pray in our mind but is it necessary to have images like that which may not be authentic or truthful to you?

They may not be authentic or truthful or resembling me in any way but aren’t they a mode of praying to me?

But still there aren’t any true or real images.

You know that you love to hide all those silly images in that hidden folder of all your favorite people. Right?

But that I do since I find them attractive! The images, I mean.

Now you could keep a very interesting image of mine too.

Ah, but that’s not the same as those pictures on my phone. They are for a different purpose.

Whatever the purpose, man loves to represent his desires by some kind of reminders of that.

What does that mean?

See, you have stored your dream car image in your folders. Even your screensaver is a Porsche.

Some day I will want to buy those. But you are different, God. How can the picture of yours represent you? You may turn out to be entirely a different person.

Which is a fact. But to substantiate your belief in some image I can appear like that for you.

See, here is a weird image of a stone which wouldn’t do justice to you.

I am in everything and you can represent me in whichever way you want to.

Don’t be silly. How can I see you in my poop? That’s ridiculous.

If that’s where you want to see me, I can be there too. Haven’t you heard of recycled waste? In some countries they purify the same toilet water.

How silly? Anyway, I just remembered one question. Will you not get angry and answer me truthfully?

I always tell the truth. Tell me, what is it that you want to know?

You see, the devil also lives here as well as all those horrible people. So when they say God is everywhere, do you also live in these bad people and things?

Of course. I am everywhere and in everything but you make the distinction of good and evil. For me, everything is the same.

You mean you are also the villain in the film? You are a devil also.

See, devil is a created object. I am not. Let me tell you how it works. Let’s take your own body.

Don’t tell me that I am a part of the devil.

Not at all. Now your body has certain good things like face, hands, legs, eyes, etc., and some ugly stuff like anus, liver, intestines, urine and poop. So aren’t you made up of good and bad?

Yes. But that’s my body. I need the intestines and heart too.

That’s the point. You need it all. Your body comprises of all kinds of things. Some likable and some not. Does it mean, you segregate the bad and say that’s not mine?

No. That’s my body and I need all the parts to perform perfectly.

Yes. All your body parts are perfectly in their places and everyone has been given their specific tasks. They should give you peak performance.

That makes me feel good about my own body. But doesn’t it mean that You live in me also?

True. But you have to find your true potential in your own self. You are a part of me only.

So now I understand, that whichever way I look at things, I will get that kind of experience.

Yes. So why not look at your own self as a part of me as My son or daughter? Then perform tasks to the fullest of your ability. That way you will recognize Me in you.

Thank you, God. I will surely look upon myself as an extension of you and be your best tool.

Image Credit: onlineprasad