Incomplete Knowledge Is Harmful!

Incomplete knowledge can be so harmful for all of us. Just imagine people who are joining websites like Twitter or Facebook should be asked their qualification before they join since they can cause so much of damage to others by their ignorance.
Check out the tweets or updates and you will be aghast. An Indian girl of American birth won the USA pageant and the tweets went out about Arabs, Taliban and whatnot. Just goes to show the ignorance of the tweeters and the general populace about geography and history.
Take another case. Someone who thinks that saving the environment is so important and segregates the plastic and other stuff has to contend with unwanted cockroaches or pests. They increase in a large number when you keep unwashed or unclean plastic around. So instead of saving the environment are you not destroying it by increasing the pests around? So by your incomplete knowledge how can you be doing good to others?
Imagine these ignorant people bring in more such ignorant children in this world what will happen? More ignorance?
Sometimes I wonder how this world has forgotten the true meaning of the holy scriptures just because they have interpreted it wrongly. No great knower of truth has given knowledge to these ignorant folks so how can we expect them to know the truth? The root cause is the system of education or the parents of such ignorant people. The education does not make a well rounded person like we do in India. Every student is taught other subjects whether they are relevant to their career or not. Subjects like geography and civics! Now take the case of parents also. Since they are uneducated they themselves cannot teach their children also. What knowledge can you get if your own parent has no clue who or what God is?
So when I teach you here about God, I am talking sense. Don’t use your half baked knowledge to make judgement on me or God. Blame your upbringing and your wrong beliefs before you point fingers at God! Stop talking with half knowledge. First gather that divine knowledge and then come to discus it.
Learn what it means to save the environment or this world and then go ahead. Otherwise get yourself a Master who is knowledge incarnate and listen to His every word and be liberated from ignorance.

Image Credit: Pixabay