Invest Time In Spiritual?

invest timeWhy should someone invest time in spiritual? Does anyone get anything constructive out of it? Are there any benefits or gains to be measured by following spiritualism? Since there aren’t any tangible benefits associated with spiritual, why would the material man follow it?
If spiritual is connected to God or some such esoteric being whom no one has ever seen or heard, then how could there be any need for getting into it? Science or arts or for that matter any material worldly activity attracts gains or losses, then if this spiritual doesn’t even guarantee anything why should anyone be interested in it?
I can tell you with confidence that certain kinds of spiritual activities have a great amount of profits attached to it. Normal gullible human beings are easily trapped by crooked so called spiritual exponents by selling strange remedies or solutions. By creating an illusion like the snake of Moses or the ash from thin air, these fake spiritualists entrap weak humans.
Take the case of the guys who sit with skulls and chant weird words or mantras. Using cheap magic tricks they exhort nut-cases to follow their unwarranted remedies. Sometimes they ask these weaklings to don some color clothing, wear amulets, special rings, go to some ripoff temples or places, drink or eat peculiar diets, follow certain disruptive lifestyles, etcetera etcetera.
Nothing actually helps but these people prove that they have been benefitted tremendously. Falling for their sleight of hand, these dunces fall prey to them. Once they are caught in such a scenario, they are trapped forever. Going to them again and again at the smallest pretext and opening up their purses or lives for these pirates.
I remember an old religious crook who asked the devotee if he could offer his young daughter to him and this idiot did. This woman was made into his personal slave and concubine for many many years. She lost her youth and now she got out of it after her fathers death.
In another story, a young man who was seeking alliance was reeled in by this weird looking con-woman who got him married off to one of her standby girl devotee and now both serve her like personal servants. How silly does it sound? But there are such silly people who fall prey to such fiends.
If someone offers a remedy which isn’t tried or tested and by fluke they get alright, then they get embroiled with these money suckers forever. Isn’t it like those astrologers or numerologists who con the idiot public?
Logic fails one when some extraordinary affliction or calamity befalls them. They search for solutions in the most unlikely places. Some people who are kept for spreading word of mouth publicity, reel in these pitiable fishes. Falling for their sweet talk and strange behavior, these fishes fall for their scented baits. Everyone knows there aren’t any cures for balding or age reversal, yet people go to quacks for those things. Sexual impotency is also another subject.
All of this above has nothing to do with the real spiritual knowledge. So why fall for it? Can’t a person realize the moment these conmen or women ask for money or some sort of compensation? Go as much far away as you can from these human fiends.
No great souls like Jesus or Buddha asked their disciples for favors or money. They never gave magical cures or potent remedies. They just asked folks to follow a strict spiritual path. Devotional path of only believing in your true Self is all that is needed. Buddha never asked people to put their faith in some Gods whom they are not able to trust or believe. He asked you to empower yourself towards realization of the true being and merge in the nothingness. Get to Buddhahood, He proclaimed. No magic or weird stuff will take you towards that. He taught the path of Dharma.
Similarly, Jesus too never talked about miracles but asked His disciples to exert in the world of spiritual by self effort. Trusting the divine Lord God the Father, move closer to Him. Neither these two nor many other truly divine folks taught anyone to believe in false practices.
So stop believing in magical stuff and start putting efforts towards the true spiritual. There is no God in any temple who has to be given stuff or offered bribes. If you find anyone accepting bribes then they are talking of some created entity and not God! These are cheats and fake agents out to fleece you.
For knowing God, you have to first look within your own self. Unable to know this Self, you might have to consult a teacher or a sage. Stop believing in magical stuff like a child. Question everything. Get the right answers after cogitating and reasoning. Believe in the divine after giving it enough consideration. Stop getting conned by fake seers. Get smart.

Image Courtesy by pixabay