Irrelevant Spirituality

Irrelevant SpiritualityDoes spirituality seem irrelevant to you? Do you wonder why the spiritual knowledge never seems applicable to your daily life? Do those verses from some profound text seem arcane and other worldly? Can they not talk today’s language and logic? Why are they different and difficult to follow? Can they not seem practicable and do-able?

Look at the items from Astanga Yoga! They talk of Yama, Niyama… Pranayama and so on. Is it practical to get up at Brahma Muhurtam(very early) today and follow the path prescribed? Can you go for evacuation to some jungle or open space? Can you take cold water bath in the dirty waters of some highly polluted rivers? With the type of polluted cities that we have today, from Shanghai to Delhi, where can you practice pranayama?

A Guru can preach lots of stuff from the scriptures but can he put them to practice? Does anyone have that kind of extreme discipline to exercise controls? With the current lifestyle changes going around, can a woman or a man adopt the extreme lifestyle? It’s easy to suggest extreme measures and practices but would anyone adopt them as a lifestyle till they die?

Foodstuffs available in the marketplace are genetically modified and even the milk is not natural anymore, then how could anyone adopt the strict measures prescribed in the scriptures? Look at the food products or water used for doing some rituals at home. The water is heavily chlorinated and recycled. The food products used are contaminated and mixed with different substances. Look at the fruits offered. They contain wax and artificially ripening materials. Nothing seems natural anymore. From fruits to vegetables, milk to curds, twigs to aromatic leaves of specific plants, ashes to the vermillion used for anointing, cowdung patties to urine of cows, literally everything that the rituals prescribed are not the real stuff. Even if it appears real and hundred percent pure without any bacterial or viral contamination, even then the method adopted of procuring the said item is not right. Look at online shops selling such stuff, protected in pouches and delivered to your homes but lacking spiritual purity.

Now check institutions getting sued for having a prayer for classes, doing yoga and uttering the omkars, the currency having God written on it, the statue of the devil being put up as secular freedom, giving wrong people reservation in the name of exploitation and so on. Spirituality has died a long time ago in most of the nations. There are some nations purely surviving with rituals and rites which are just meant for a few to make money out of them. That’s called exploitation of the gullible.

Now that you have understood everything seems so far fetched and unattainable from the spiritual point of view, then isn’t it better to discard values from the old which don’t make any sense to you? Can the world adapt to the newer set of laws or acceptable rules? Shouldn’t we enroll ourselves in the modern methods? Or do we have to go by archaic means and become dumb followers of some old religion?

Look at Christianity and how it evolved, giving up on old ways. Jesus brought about the change in the world to establish a newer religion. In the similar manner, Buddha pushed aside the old feudal methods of Hinduism and created a new religion.

So when we have examples from the old to give us a boost into the future, isn’t it time we discard the old ways of repressive religion to adopt a newer one? Why do we need to follow the old feudal and regressive religious beliefs? Let the newer beliefs evolve and start its own movement. Hasn’t hatha yoga and other yogas evolved? Look at the scenario today! From pure yoga which meant union with God, came other yoga systems which might mean anything. People use yoga for sex and abuse with drugs, but can we stop them? We can only tell them what is good or pure but we cannot stop their abuses.

Likewise, religious extremism has evolved by leaps and bounds. Can you stop the movement by force? Look at the bomb blasts or terrorist attacks everywhere and you will understand that we can try to curb but cannot destroy the evil. Now my main crux comes into the picture, so pay attention to what I say. Read on!

Spiritual is not about the wishy washy world of humans out there. It is not about the fragile religions and changing landscapes around you. It is not about the body and neither it is about the mind. It is not about some stone gods or prayer books and scriptures. It is not about religious leaders or fight for religion. It is not about politics or repression. It is neither about goodness or evil. It is not about this or that also.

Spiritual is all about the spirit. It is beyond all bodies and mind. It is beyond senses and intellect too. Spiritual is rising above the ordinary and being godly. It is about divine love and devotion to the One called God, Krsna, Father In Heaven, etc.. He has no name.

So finally, why are you bothered with what the world does? Why are you not lost in the finding of this Supremely Divine? Why run after religion and its leaders? Why bother about murders and wars? Just focus on this divine since everything else is far below it.

Just love this Supreme Divine Being or Consciousness and focus on the true spiritual. Become Divine and not petty human. Be Godly.

Image Credit: Pixabay