Is God Unfair?

Why is God so unfair? Why does God give to the undeserving and not to you? Why does the stupidest person end up with the most coveted trophy? When you hear the story of some young girl who came out of Instagram and told the truth, you are aghast and feel cheated. Again you hear about some candidate who has a couple of criminal cases against him and he gets elected you feel terrible.
We always think that the truth is right in our faces but that is unreal and the truth is incognito. A few years ago some vague villager was elected as the leader of a country. He was a village bumpkin given to vagaries of his own gullible nature. He dug his nose and snored away in the government houses in front of the glaring media. The media made a mincemeat out of him and yet he continued. He never had finesse or appeared suave anywhere.
In another instance during the Miss Universe contest the most undeserving candidate got the crown whereas the so called deserving one got the runners up crown. In some events of international levels an unexpected winner is announced and our jaws drop at that choice.
We all object to the choices and wonder whether something is wrong there. Also, sometimes we see a very beautiful girl married to the most ugliest human on earth. We make judgements about the outcomes and wonder why God is not so kind to us.
You hear people grudge the autistic man getting the beauty queen as wife. Then again we look at others having all the possible money in the world and enjoying life of luxury and wasteful spending and feel pangs of jealousy. A candidate who hasn’t studied at all scoring the first rank or a boxer who wins by default.
We feel cheated all the time. We feel we are always at the receiving end and never holding the coveted medal or trophy! So you always demand an answer from God. You always think life is so unfair. God is unfair and biased.

It is but natural to feel like that. But let us ask ourselves who are we to judge the person is deserving or not? Do we know the whole story about the individual who wins? Are we sitting on judgement on God who is said to be the only unbiased being! The fact of the matter remains that we are judgmental and cannot see the entire picture.
God knows what He is doing. The assessment has happened even before you were born. They have their sanchit or accumulated karma which gives these so-called undeserving ones the edge over us.
God has given the most ugly person the most beautiful wife. He has put that politician as the leader. He has given medal to the unlikeliest of character. Who are we to think that God doesn’t know what He is doing? The decisions are not based on some crazy algorithm or some wild chance schemes. Gods results are again not based on the amount of money the incumbent has bribed by means of charity and donations. His prayer hasn’t changed the rankings or made winning easier for the silliest one.
Everyone is under the control of karmic laws and we are unable to understand the truth by looking at a sample of life. We cannot make judgements on anyone based on half baked knowledge. Only God knows the whole story and we are ignorant of the reasons for that person to be the winner.
How can anyone understand what past karmas are there in anyone’s life? There is no way for anyone to know based on incomplete knowledge of what that individual has done to deserve that life. Maybe they had been very ugly in some previous life and the current one was based on their karma and hence they have transformed into a beautiful swanlike being.
So let’s stop judging others based on some less knowledge or try to give our two cents worth of opinions or judgements. Let God do what He does best and let’s just focus on our own well being rather than criticizing others.