Is It About Faith, God, Luck Or Efforts?

[Untitled]Is it about not having faith or having less of it, that gives others lesser marks and no seat? This question came up when someone told me that they have really prayed hard and had got admission into a prestigious institution by grace of God! Does it mean that the other candidates never had faith in God so they couldn’t secure admission?
Every person who is appearing for an examination to join any prestigious institution or to get the greatest break in life is seen praying very hard and offering lots of bribes to God to get into it. But the results are very sad. Only one of the hundreds gets the admission and the rest have to contend with defeat! It doesn’t mean that their bribery has failed or God is unkind to them! But logically it translates into their having lesser faith or their gifts not being sufficient for the appeasement of Gods to give them their desired results! So is God partial???
Please understand that it is never about bribing God that secures someone’s future or gets desired results. But what actually makes the difference is the amount of self efforts that they have put in. If you do not put in sufficient efforts like studying very hard for the exams or doing preparations for the impending admission interviews, you are going nowhere! Stop blaming God for all your own undoings! Why do you hold that invisible Person responsible for something where He is not concerned?
You gotta get thoroughly prepared for anything and everything in life. You should go through a thorough check before you enter the portals where you will be examined! Get fully prepared and if you are a believer also pray for success! And if you don’t believe in some super power then pray to your own abilities for standing up at the precise moments for achieving success!
When I started my career during the first interview group discussion, I selected the topic of interviews and criteria of selections! I told them that there are 4 methods for landing a job. First is by qualification, second is by influence, third is by bribery and lastly it’s by luck! I cited some examples like when I lost out my previous offer because someone had the board recommendation letter. At another place they only gave jobs if they were able to pay for these. Lastly, my friend who had lost his sweetheart to his brother had overgrown his beard and hair due to his heartbreak. He went for the interview and when the examiner asked for his unshaven look, he promptly told them that if he got this job, he would offer his hair to Tirupati Balaji! The devout examiner was so carried away by my friends so-called devotion to God that he gave him that job! Such is God and luck!
I challenged them to appointing me by the first one alone which meant if they allowed any other method, then their bias would show. Anyway I got that job. But the sad part is they sacked me a few months later. Such is luck, I thought!
So my suggestion is study really very hard and put in enough efforts for success. Prepare well in advance, do mock tests, do trial runs, burn the midnight oil and take all precautions that are necessary so that you don’t falter in the examination desk!
Last of all keep faith in yourself or in God if you believe in That!

Image Credit: Pixabay