Is It Easy To Forgive?

Is it easy to forgive and move on in life? Sometimes it is and at other times it isn’t. Why do we do those misdemeanors and ask for forgiveness? Why does that grieved person forgive? Or why it is impossible to do that?
All are liable for punishment for whatever wrong acts are done says the law but why are some people allowed to go scot free while some are charged? You may say there is no justice in this world.
Let us see how the acts shape out. Today’s paper carries an article where the husband killed his wife with the help of three of his neighbors for committing adultery. Now the guilt of that lady was not proved but he killed her just on the basis of suspicion. So even if the guilt was proved, does it give any person a right to kill? Would he forgive her for that? Or would she forgive him for all the times he has done the same? So now you see the question of forgiveness is never in the picture at all.
Man never forgives another for anything that the other has done. Even if it is a matter of just being sarcastic with another and that is considered as unforgivable. You will find heroines or heroes not talking to one another after some stupid remarks about each other. Their ego comes in the way.
The term forgiveness is so much associated with Jesus Christ or great people from the past. But the same is termed hypocritical and never accepted by the folks who swear by these great people. Jesus exhorted us to forgive those who do harm to us. He asked all the people to throw the first stone if they haven’t sinned. So no one threw but they condemned the lady who was the center of attention as a whore. Why does the same man condemn the woman as a whore to whom he goes for self gratification? So isn’t it hypocrisy? Jesus took Mary Magdalene in His fold and forgave her but the world who wanted to condemn her did so even after the great One did! They even questioned Jesus why He favored her by His forgiveness? His closest disciples condemned Him for doing that!
But forgiveness is the greatest virtue and we need to learn that there is no one on this planet Earth who hasn’t sinned. So we should forgive all. But that doesn’t mean you have to go arm in arm with your enemy. You have to always know that a snake or a lion has to be kept at bay and never close.
All the vicious creatures can be forgiven but they cannot be held close. It’s in their nature to bite or sting you once again. So treat a scorpion or an eagle with respect but don’t make friends with him.
Similarly you can forgive all those who have caused harm to you but you should keep them at arms length. It’s in their nature to do the act once again. It’s in their blood.
So if you forgive your husband once for cheating on you, don’t think he will give up. He will do the same once again given a chance. Human nature teaches you to fall down. Godly nature teaches you to rise above. No one is God so what makes you think that he has changed for the better? He will do the same. He is programmed to do that.
So it’s not the perpetrator who is the focal point, got it? It’s all about you.
Forgiveness is about your own greatness alone. The only one who did not see Mary as a fallen woman was Jesus whereas the rest considered her bad. So it just goes to show that forgiveness is a Godly or Divine quality. When you forgive someone even for the grievest of the crimes, you raise above to the level of godliness.
Forgiveness is next to godliness alone. Rise above and move ahead. Clean your mind of all the dirt therein.

Image Courtesy by pixabay