Is This World Lying?

Is this world lying? I was watching Morgan Freeman’s science program in which he ended by saying that ask anyone the truth and it will be only a lie. I agree with him since everything is a lie in the domain of Maya. It’s called Krsna’s Maya and it is illusory.
So someone came up with the term-relative! Just as time is relative to the position on the planet earth. Wherever you are the time is correlated to the latitude and longitude, the position of the sun and so on. Night and day are determined by darkness and light. Then what happens in the land of the midnight sun? Or the Antarctic or the poles?
Likewise in our life also, we always tell the so called truth to others. It is relative to what you or the other wants to hear. Look at it this way, the ugliest of the child is the most beautiful to the mother. The husband or boyfriend is forced to call his ugly spouse or girlfriend as beautiful too. At other times the wife wrongfully says that her husband is like an Adonis or a God! The student has not done well in class, yet the teacher tells that they tried really hard.
A wife lies to her husband by saying she loves him but the reason could be completely wrong. She had a fight with her boyfriend and to get even with him she sleeps with her husband and makes out thinking about her boyfriend all the time. The words are actually not for him but for her absent paramour. Likewise the cheating husband gets flowers for his wife so that he could get an understanding how his girlfriend will feel if he presents her that later. Look at his savings account and you will find lots of discrepancies there. The money has been spent on the wrong woman. Lies, lies and more lies.
Till death do us part says the holy book and no one knows how they grew apart. Living in the same house as the aging parent, you cannot spend lavishly on your own spouse or child since it will hurt the sentiment of the old parent. There are comparisons and the ubiquitous smile at the end when asked if all is well and the lie that it is alright. Nothing is right. Yet again lies makes human smile. Everyone tells lies to everyone and sometimes it’s for making the other happy or to make them sad.
Villains in films are good liars but the heroes are still better. They play the heroes role so convincingly that we believe in them. The actors are liars of the highest order, who go on to win awards. They all act and emote everything that is unreal. All as per the bound script. So are makeup artists or dialogue writers. I guess everyone contributes towards the greater lie. Politicians, police, managers, workers, everyone are lying through their teeth.
Look at it from this point of view, the worker seems to put in very hard work to get paid. Every employer will disown that statement that the employee worked hard. Now look at managers, who have to lie differently. When there is salary cut or when they have to show growth. Will any low level employee vouch for their managers truthfully? No way! Take the doctors or lawyers who distort their knowledge to suit the circumstances. So where can we find truth then?
Holy places are filled with bigger lies. There is no God in stones or images and yet man talks to them, worships them and gets conned by the priests who have big demands. To fill their own stomachs,the system works wonderfully. No one has seen God, yet there are proponents selling lies. It’s an industry of liars involved in their common good. The highest deluder to the lowest of them all. The flower vendor to the priests, the gift shop to miracle men. These are delusive people in trade. They sound so convincing that every person gets conned. They circumambulate the divine and feel high in divine power. Is it true? Nothing is nearer to truth since it is all driven by pure greed.
So where is the truth then? In courts? In holy people or is it in little kids whom we call innocents? No one is true. Everyone is motivated by some or the other desire. Everyone is driven by lust and greed, power and money, prestige and recognition. So everyone lies!
Can anyone face the truth then? No one can. To face the truth you need complete detachment and dispassion. You cannot be partial to anyone or anything. You have to know that everything is fake and unreal. Everything is under the jurisdiction of the ever delusive Maya. Only God is real and you cannot see or understand that. That is discrimination. Knowing the real from the unreal.
Only the knower of truth is silent. He knows everything and everyone and doesn’t interfere in it. He knows it’s Gods design and becomes silent. So know the truth and become silent.

Image Credit: Unsplash