It’s A Two Way Street!

Two way streetHow can a person believe in another with whom they have been with for a few weeks and not believe in another with whom they have spent best part of their life? How can someone forget their God and be with someone who can only talk rot about the previous occupant of their heart?
I am sure most of you have gone through this ignominy in your life at some point in time. Maybe you are going through it right now.
Yesterday I was reminded of Sidney Poitier in the film”Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” where he tells his dad that he gave him birth because he wanted a kid and he is taking care of Sidney because its his duty then. He wasn’t doing sidney a favor raising him up. All this Sidney says because he has got a new love in his life whom he met ten days ago!!!
I had to undergo similar situations many a times in my spiritual and material world. My dearest disciples came to me and have said similar stuff. Having learnt from me they have considered it their birthright that I should give them what they ask for and for free. They feel they are deserving and I should be doing my duty towards them after having accepted them as guru putra.
Exactly the same way, a human being believes that they deserve a better roads, sanitation, transportation, etc because the government collects taxes? When you come to the other side of the fence, then alone reality will strike. Balance the budgets, try collecting taxes, bring about peace amongst people of various faith and communities, run the transport system, try going against red tape, etc. You will be amazed at how difficult it is to run a behemoth of a government with individual egos at play.
Of course it’s the duty of the parents till the children grow up. But that doesn’t give the children the right to expect royal service. Whatever the parents or the government can, they will try to do to the best of their ability. Sometimes they have to sell their house or pawn the gold. Isn’t this what India did some years ago? Parents and governments are also under pressure but the kids and citizens should also be gracious and help by focusing on results and targets. Children should focus on topping and excelling in studies and the citizens should have basic civic sense. Stop causing potholes by using adulterated fuels, keep vehicles conditioned, use road discipline, etc.
Remember it’s a two way street and stop listening to those who come and poison your ears. Be good to your parents, guru and government and I am sure it will work out in the end.

Photo Credit: Pixabay