Journey With Guru

How does the journey begin with the Guru? Everyone has a story to tell. Some may say that it’s a miracle that pulled him or her to their Guru but what exactly transpired no one can say.
Let me tell you what exactly happens there. Have you ever noticed how the Geiger counter works? The person runs a long rod like stuff with a broad bottom over an area and suddenly the noise increases making a ticking sound sharper and sharper as it nears a radiating object. In the same way, whenever the sadhak approaches a Guru, his or her antennas are raised and the Geiger counter in their heart changes the rhythm instantly.
Now you have been asking how does one meet one’s Guru. It’s actually the other way round. The Guru draws you towards Him and you get drawn closer. You are all born with a huge debt of karma called Prarabdha karma or the karma which you have come to spend in this life. All the episodes that happen to you from the moment of your birth to death are the instances ruled by prarabdha. It designs whom you have to meet, what actions you have to perform, what story is woven with whomsoever that you meet, accidents, lotteries or whatever that transpires. These are all doings of your own prarabdha. When you are going about expending this prarabdha in your life, you come to a point where you have nearly finished using up the action needed and only the ones which makes you rise above has remained to be used. The term “rise above” here means, that which elevates you towards glory on the journey towards heaven or only goodness remains. All incidental bad karmas have been used up. Maybe it’s some repayment or some marriage to someone, divorce or death of near and dear or whichever. The break point arrives where only the good part has remained.
Now is the time for the entry of the Guru.
The Guru appears and takes you through the rigors of interviews and appointments. Just like the world outside. He tests your worth every instance. He makes you go through the toughest and the worst possible methods of assessments. Your black cat commando or the special task forces training cannot be comparable to what He puts you through.
He can be very cruel or heartless when He needs to be. His methods are genuinely very crude or primitive. You may want to run away as soon as you get started under His training program. He asks for absolute obedience and single pointed attention from you. He is literally like a slave driver. There are severe punishments for misdemeanor and non-conformity.
But He has a very softer side too. He turns on the heat to drive you to the highest perfection and yet cools down to the level of a salve. His simple demeanor is tougher when He trains you but softer than butter when He showers His love.
So it appears that you are keenly sought out as a candidate for the spiritual training. The Guru’s acceptance comes as a boon to you but appears as if you have worked very hard to get this Master’s grace.
He trains you to the highest point of emancipation. Holding your hand at every given moment of time. Sometimes there isn’t any visible road for you to trudge on but once you go there, He makes it appear out of nowhere. Even though He appears frail or humanly, never for a moment doubt His capabilities. His approval doesn’t come easily. You crave for that but He doesn’t even lower His guard.
Such is your journey and if you are ready for the rigors of such a tough grinding and training then await His appearance. You are in extremely good hands once He takes you under His wing.

Image Courtesy by pixabay