Jumping To Conclusions

The mind has the uncanny habit of jumping to conclusions. The speed at which we arrive at any conclusions is unimaginable.
Let’s say if you ask me how was the food today and I say it was ok or alright, you immediately conclude that I haven’t liked it or it was bad tasting. But I didn’t say either of those things and yet you arrived at these answers.
Why are we so judgmental? Always arriving at conclusions without proper analysis and reasoning. The mind always loves to look at the downside of life. Pessimism is the root cause of us seeing everything negatively. When your teacher says you can do much better, why do we think that the teacher has said that your performance was the pits? But she hasn’t said any of that. It could also mean that your performance was alright or good but you can make it still better. This gives us the chance to move towards perfection slowly and steadily.
If you have watched the talent contests in television, you will see some people out performing at the auditions itself. The jury member praises the candidate and the expectation of seeing a better performance is there during the show elimination rounds. So to rise above the expectation is a must to proceed further. Which translates into sleeker and polished performance on the visual or aural scale.
Human beings have the ability to out perform themselves and improvise further and further. Hence the motto of Olympics is “Faster, Higher, Stronger” and not fastest, highest or strongest. If that would be the case then there wouldn’t be Olympics after the first. Since the ultimate would have been achieved!
So still the question is there- why do we always see the downside of life always? Maybe we have seen too many failures and discontentments and hence we are always pessimistic in life. Every failure should spur us in moving towards success in a much determined way. But we get demotivated and look towards withdrawal or accepting defeat. But why can we not take that disaster as the start of better times? A time for improvements and sharpening of our performances?
So stop looking negatively always and look at the positive side. You have a chance for performing better and better. You still are in the race and can do much better. Honing your skills and sharpening your teeth and girding your loins you can improvise the previous records.
So look at life positively and on the upside always. The world is not coming to an end. The naysayers are more than the ayes. Overcome these demotivators and proceed towards your success. There is always scope for betterment. Keep on bettering your previous highs. Be it in school, college, work, sports, vocation, sexual, spiritual or wherever you are required to perform. Stop minding your mind and reach above the ordinary to be the extraordinary. You are geared to excel. The human spirit has no limits for excellence!