Keep Your Tongue In Check!

Can you keep your tongue in check? Minding your words is so important. Anger makes us say stuff which we regret later on. Our tongue has a slippery path inside the mouth and it slips every time. A man slips on a banana peel or icy water and hurts himself badly, but the words slipping out of an angered man not only hurts himself but lots of others too. It’s a collective destruction.
In the debates that proceed an election, the candidates spread so much of slanderous talk that the listeners are swayed by it. A slip of the tongue can be disastrous too. Sometimes a man blurts out certain things which are the innermost secrets and hardly realizes it. But that has created a big misunderstanding amongst others.
Gossip is another big pall bearer and marriages, relationships or even partnerships are destroyed by loose talk. Betrayal happens during such type of angered exchanges.
History is filled with such kind of loose talk. Sometimes people have sold their friends and Masters by their treacherous talk. Take the case of Jesus being betrayed by Judas or the case of the assassinations of various world leaders. They have been betrayed by the word and the word has caused such a big loss.
The entire story of Ramayana is based on the word given to his wife Kaikeyi by Dashrath. To keep the word the king had to send his beloved son to the jungles for fourteen years. Words falling out of a mouth can be misinterpreted too. A story wherein the uncle sends his nephew to the gallows because the word was wrongly said. The colloquial term for hold him were twisted to kill him. So the consequences were disastrous.
Material worldly people have little regards for how or what they utter. Sometimes to spite someone they utter foul language or venomous stuff, little realizing that they have created a big karma or loop in the universe. Just like an arrow which is discharged cannot be recalled, the words which leave the tongue have already created the mark in this world.
By the curse of the sages in the heavens to the two doorkeepers of Vishnu, they were born three times and had to be killed at the hands of Vishnu Himself. First as Hiranyakashyapa and Hiranyaksha, then as Ravana and Kumbhakarna and in the next life as Shishupal and Dantavakra. Now imagine the whole creation talks loosely to every other person and believes the others will understand them. But it hardly makes any difference to the words which have escaped from the mouths of these unfortunate people.
So always mind your mind to what you utter. If you get angry by someone’s behavior then go somewhere peaceful and contemplate on the truth. Let go of your anger. It can be ruinous and very disastrous to everyone including your own self. Keep your thoughts and tongue in check and never speak ill of others.
The knowers of truth speak the truth so they know what they are doing. Theirs is a talk which is not motivated by worldly desires so they speak that which is the truth. Hardly anyone can understand their talks. Sometimes their words are so innocuous and casual but they speak very profound language. Listen carefully to their talk. Their ok or alright is like a loaded words. It means let that which is to happen, will happen! But if you observe before they uttered these okays, they have actually instructed you, nay, commanded you to do something. That was to eradicate your destructive karma, but you have used your mind thereby rescinding their command so you have to suffer the consequences of your prarabdha karma. They were willing to accept it but because of your insistence they let you handle it. So they say -okay!
So mind your tongue and keep it in check. Listen to the words of your Master. There are hidden truths therein. Don’t talk anything out of context or to hurt someone. Don’t curse. Don’t say words which you may regret later. Keep cool and don’t get angry. Use meditation or silence as an important tool to overcome your anger.


Image Courtesy by  Google Images