Krishna Bar And Restaurant?

Krishna bar and restaurant, Shiva restaurant, Radha dancing school, Buddha bar and what not! Have you ever seen Jesus in any way bring addressed like that? Or for that matter any god or saint from any other religion? Strange!
Here we have people fighting to see the underwear removed if it carries a god picture or a sandal. But these same hypocrites allow the names of bars to be called Krishna bar and restaurant?
So you may ask, what’s in a name? That could be the name of the owner of the bar? Just like these rap artist say Yeesus!!! Would you call that artistic impropriety or just their creativity?
This was very beautifully demonstrated by Swami Vivekananda to the king once. When asked why do people go and pray in temples when it is said that God lives within us? He asked one of the court guards to bring down the framed picture of the king and then stamp it with his feet. The guard refused saying that the photograph represented the king himself. Swamiji then proved to the king that even in that photograph the kings essence lives. So do you think Krishna stays in Krishna Bar and Restaurant? I wonder!!!
When we name our children with Gods names and then these people turn out in a worthless piece of human garbage, do you really think they suit their names? Imagine a Panduranga as a mass murderer? Or a Satyanarayana as a terrorist or chain snatcher!
So before you go and taint the names of gods or sages, just remember it doesn’t suit them anymore than your President or Prime Ministers name being used by people who are on the wrong side of the law. In any other religion you would be dismembered or an edict drawn to hunt you down for using their gods name on your drinking house!

Image Courtesy by pixabay