Krsna And Dispassion

Even though Krsna was considered to be the epitome of detachment and dispassion, He put everything in His endeavors. Be it relationships or jobs which required His complete attention. He performed all actions with élan and passion! What it means is to do all actions with 100% like Him is to be a perfect actor knowing fully well that its just a performance for the situation, meanwhile knowing that the Actor is not Him but just the greasepaint and clothes which are enacting it! You too should do the same in your world. To do all actions whether you like them or not, whether you feel detached or dispassionate about them or even if you hate or love doing it, you gotta put 100% in them while performing it. Isn’t a relationship built after arranged marriage also with a person you don’t know from Adam? Doing some of the most intimate acts without an ounce of love in it and later loving the same? Be that arranged married spouse and Krsna in life!